What Is an Incident Management Tool?

An incident management tool enables IT teams to categorize, organize and resolve major incidents that result in downtime or service interruptions. It sits at the center of an IT organization’s ecosystem and delivers real-time alerts to the right teams on their phones when an incident is detected. It aids in the labeling of incidents and can be seamlessly integrated with existing technology stack and workflows to accelerate incident resolution.

Requirements of an Incident Management Tool

It needs to include a way to automate the alerting process to the right person that can handle the incident. It should also allow seamless and secure communication between incident respondents and support file attachments (i.e., images, voicemail recordings and documents) to provide contextual information regarding the incident.

Incident management solutions provide adequate reporting and metrics for post-incident analysis, to review team performance and develop plans for continuous improvement. Reporting capabilities include audit trails and mean time to resolution (MTTR) measurement.

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What to Look for in an Incident Management Tool

Agile Alert Delivery

An incident management tool must have the ability to integrate with RMMs, PSAs, monitoring tools, IoT sensors and any solution that sends an email. With this feature, all incoming alerts that signal downtime or service interruption can be consolidated into one system.

Automation of Alerts

An incident management tool requires features to automate alerts using rule-based algorithms. This allows users to configure their own escalation policies to alert the next person on call on the list if the first person does not respond in a timely manner.

Incident Management Tool

Real-Time Reporting

Incident management solutions capture real-time statistics on individual and group workloads based on each responders’ alert volume and escalation order. Look at trends to help you optimize workflows.

Alerting Across Platforms

It is important to enable multiple communication channels so that you have redundant alerts in case the primary smartphone-based app alerts are not heard. The incident management tool should enable notifications via secure email, SMS, mobile push and phone calls.

Mobile Incident Management

The solution should give incident responders full visibility into the incident and have fast, easy ways to respond—such as multiple-choice answer options—so they can take quick action as soon as they receive a ticket.

Incident Management Tool

Priority Alerting

Platforms should allow the user to send messages in two different formats: High-priority and low-priority alerts. A unique ringtone and persistent alerts ensure that critical messages are not ignored. High-priority notifications must bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices.

Incident Management Tool

Open API and Out-of the-Box Integrations

Ideally, the solution will have a publicly available API, providing developers with programmatic access to the software application or web service so they can integrate it with their homegrown or out-of-the-box solutions.

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Real-Time Collaboration Via Secure Communication

An incident management tool should have built-in two-way messaging that supports attachments and pre-defined responses. Improve team communication and collaboration.

Incident Management Tool

Digital Scheduler

The solution should include a way to manage on-call schedules, recurring on-call rotations and shifts. This allows users to automate alerts according to on-call schedules and rotations. Distribute the incident management workload to reduce alert fatigue and engineer burnout. 

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OnPage Is the Perfect Incident Management Tool

What Is OnPage?

OnPage is a SaaS-based incident management system hosted in secure, SSAE-16-compliant hosting facilities across the U.S. The cutting-edge technology streamlines incident response so clients can recover from critical IT incidents quickly. Support teams can achieve customer service excellence and minimize the financial impact of IT downtime.

With OnPage, incident response teams can:

  • Get instant visibility and feedback into incident status.
  • Track alert delivery, ticket status and responses to tickets.
  • Acquire rock-solid reliability—a must for those that need to elevate critical incidents and ensure fast incident resolution.

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Incident Management Tool

OnPage Integrations

OnPage provides powerful integrations with mission-critical systems through the industry’s easiest integration framework. IT teams can integrate OnPage with over 250 platforms including:

  • Autotask PSA
  • ConnectWise Manage
  • ServiceNow
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • New Relic One
  • Dynatrace
  • Datadog

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Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 High Performer for incident alert management and critical communication.

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