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Are You Seriously Still Using a Pager? Yes? Let Me Guess, You Work in Healthcare?

Posted by Shawn Riley on HealthTechnica

July 22nd 2011

Healthcare has some awesome technology, but pagers aren’t one of them.  It still boggles my mind how many facilities I have seen that still have a text pager on the hip of their physicians and leadership.  This text pager is almost always right next to a smart phone too.  Uhg.

The OnPage organization would like to help fix this issue for you.  With an application for Blackberry and iPhone that can sort your messages and give you higher flexibility than any pager, OnPage may have an app you want to look at.


Enter OnPage— Advantages:

•              Maintains Advantages Gained with Pager Devices – As you know, pagers are still used by healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses and first responders, etc.) because they provide a direct funnel for critical, emergency messages that are prioritized over all the other email/text noise out there. OnPage ensures the same, making a unique sound no matter what audio settings your phone is on.

•              Eliminates the Need for a Separate Device – Rather than carrying a separate paging device, users can consolidate using OnPage.

•              Protects User Privacy/Identity – OnPage enables people to contact you on your phone without actually having to give out your personal phone number; something many doctors don’t want to do.

•              Enables Two-Way Communications – On classic paging devices, it is impossible to guarantee that your message went through without confirmation via follow-up phone call. OnPage creates an audit trail that shows when the page was sent, delivered and read.

•              Speeds Response Time in Emergencies – Pager networks are often slow, so using OnPage can actually shave seconds off of message delivery time which can be critical in emergency situations.


More – Read the full HealthTechnica blog post at HealthTechnica

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