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Medical Paging System

OnPage is the industry’s most dependable clinical communication and hospital pager system. The intelligent solution eliminates legacy technology and delivers HIPAA-compliant messaging, intrusive mobile alerts, on-call schedules, alert escalations, live call capabilities, downloadable reports and more.

OnPage Is the Perfect Medical Paging System

OnPage’s medical paging system enhances accountability, transparency and reliability. The platform streamlines clinical workflows and accelerates patient care delivery. Modern organizations invest in OnPage to achieve maximum patient satisfaction and increase patient retention.

With OnPage, healthcare organizations can:

  • Reduce response time from 30 mins to 30 seconds.
  • Minimize physician burnout and fatigue through flexible scheduling.
  • Eliminate disruptions or non-value-added activities (NVAs) to clinical workflows.
  • Provide a consistent level of medical service.

OnPage Replaces Antiquated Pager Systems for

All Healthcare Organizations




Healthcare’s focus on patients’ level of satisfaction inevitably requires physicians, nurses and healthcare colleagues to improve the quality of their communications. By investing in OnPage’s HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging platform that enables digital interoperability, organizations can see decreased patient readmission and improved healthcare outcomes.

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OnPage provides on-call rotations and escalations. Web console administrators can task physicians and create “turns” if the first person is unavailable. This helps eliminate physician burnout. OnPage also provides distinguishable high-priority alerts. This way, on-call physicians will always know the severity of alerts!

Current integrations include OpenEMR and Amion physician scheduling. OpenEMR continuously monitors a patient’s electronic medical records and triggers an alert to physicians and/or care teams via the OnPage smartphone app. The Amion integration allows care teams to automate the manual on-call process and give patients direct 24/7 access to on-call physicians.

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OnPage | New Capabilities and Features

Direct Patient-to-Physician Communications

Streamline after-hours communication by allowing patients and caregivers to connect with care teams via one dedicated phone number.

Callers can directly reach on-call physicians on a real-time phone call. Through the live call, callers can immediately communicate their medical needs to the appropriate specialist. Callers can also leave a callback number and/or voicemail that gets “paged” to the on-call care team.

On-Call Presence Statuses

Healthcare organizations now have access to detailed presence information. OnPage’s pager replacement solution provides physicians and nurses with access to presence information so they know if team members are on call and logged in.

Override Silent Switch and DND Mode on All Devices

OnPage is one of the very medical paging systems to override the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on all mobile devices. This ensures that all OnPage high-priority, critical alerts are addressed and heard regardless of one’s mobile configurations or system settings.

Complete Administrator-User Secure Communications

System administrators can communicate with on-call members directly on OnPage’s web management console. The complete administrator-user secure communications option enhances team communication and collaboration during urgent patient situations.

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Guide: The Secret Cost of Healthcare Pagers

Insecure paging costs extend beyond passing insecure information. For example, pager use by healthcare providers increases the cost of patient care as well as the cost of coordinating care among doctors.

The “Secret Cost of Pagers” guide looks at these and several other unforeseen costs that result from healthcare pager use including the costs of:

  • Supporting legacy technology
  • Providing immediate and persistent alerting
  • HIPAA violations

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Secret Cost of Pagers