OnPage’s New Complete Administrator-User Secure Communications

reply back OnPage is pleased to announce a new, innovative complete administrator-user secure communications feature launching next month, allowing system administrators to communicate with on-call healthcare providers. OnPage wanted to launch a feature, where a console dispatcher can initiate and send secure messages to the right providers. 

After receiving a dispatcher message, on-call providers can reply back to the message. This new feature converts one-way communications into two-way threaded exchanges. 

What are the Benefits? 

The feature provides a secure HIPAA-compliant solution, allowing dispatchers to forward important documents including, MRI scans, bloodwork files and medical procedures, to reach the right care team members. This allows for transparency and a cleaner method of communication. 

reply back

Additionally, dispatchers can create new groups or send out messages to existing cohorts to expedite the file sharing process. This functionality opens the door for open communication and collaborative efforts within healthcare facilities.

The Bottom Line 

At its core, OnPage is launching a secure, fast and reliable reply back feature, allowing for enhanced administrator-to-physician communications. At OnPage, we have carefully listened and curated the ultimate solution to create a bridge that connects the entire healthcare organization. 

Stay tuned to OnPage’s release in the upcoming month and the OnPage team will make sure all your questions, concerns and suggestions are taken into consideration!


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