Amion OnPage integration

What’s Amion?

Amion is a widely adopted physician scheduling solution. It allows healthcare organizations to configure and manage on-call schedules to create an equitable workplace for care teams.

Care teams can update Amion on-call schedules to meet the requirements and needs of their hospitals. The platform enhances team collaboration and ensures that organizations deliver exceptional patient care.

Streamline Patient-to-Physician Communications


By combining Amion’s scheduling solution with OnPage’s HIPAA-compliant clinical communications platform, healthcare organizations can give patients and staff instant 24/7 access to on-call physicians while eliminating the need for operator or call center services. The solution is flexible and can be configured for healthcare organizations, departments, and staffs of all sizes.

Here’s how the Amion OnPage integration works:


amion onpage integration

One Phone Number Gives Patients 24/7 Access to On-Call Physicians

Using OnPage’s dedicated lines feature, patients can call one number, hear a customized greeting (multiple languages are supported), select from a phone menu to leave a callback number and, optionally, a voicemail message to the desired specialty or department.

The on-call physician (based on Amion’s scheduler) associated with the selected department receives an alert on her OnPage smartphone app with the callback number. If the patient left a voicemail message, it appears as an attached voice file.

Amion OnPage integration


Prompt Responses, No Missed Calls—Escalations for Patient Peace of Mind

If the on-call physician does not return the call within a pre-determined amount of time, an OnPage alert is automatically triggered to the next on-call physician. This ensures that patients always receive calls back promptly.

Communication Audit Trail and Reporting

Get instant visibility on alerts, escalations, and acknowledgment with time-stamped audit trails to ensure that each call is being managed appropriately and effectively. Reports show each call that triggered an alert, when it was created, who responded, and when they responded.

Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration adds value to the Amion physician scheduling platform. Combine the power of on-call scheduling with high-priority, critical notifications.

Through the integration, healthcare teams can:

  • Create an equitable workforce and distribute work appropriately
  • Give patients direct communication with on-call physicians
  • Receive immediate high-priority alerts for patient issues



Amion OnPage integration