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What is IT Alerting?

IT alerting is the process of consolidating and automating alerts that emanate from mission-critical systems. IT alerting also focuses on communicating these alerts to incident responders. Incident responders use Incident Management Systems to consolidate, automate and communicate these alerts in order to mitigate human error in handling critical events and minimizing MTTR.

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How to Manage IT Alerts?

One of the most important roles of the IT team is efficiently managing incoming alerts and incidents. When integrated with a monitoring system, automation can take incident management to a whole new level. Working together, these tools help to identify, analyze and prioritize incoming alerts and ensure that notifications are sent to the appropriate party if a serious issue is detected. Also, notifications can be customized based on preference, with escalations being sent via email, SMS or telephone.

1- The monitoring system detects an incident within the IT infrastructure and sends out an alert.
2- The alert is picked up by the Incident Management System, which immediately triggers a predefined workflow.
3- As part of this workflow, a ticket is automatically created in the service desk.
4- The appropriate party or parties receive notification via their preferred method (email, SMS or phone).
5- The system waits for acknowledgement and response from the team.
6- Upon response, the workflow will execute the appropriate task to address and correct the problem.

IT Alerting Attributes