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Onset Launches Mobile Messaging Service to Help Physicians Save Lives Faster

Posted by Justin Bomberowitz on BostInnovation
July 21st, 2011 – 9:21 am


Waltham-based Onset Technology, a provider of mobile phone compliance and privacy solutions, has just launched OnPage, a smartphone pager and Priority Messaging Application to be used on iPhone, iPad, and iPhone Touch as well as BlackBerry phones. Support for Android devices and other platforms will be released in the coming months. OnPage looks to increase response rate and prioritize physicians’ time through new collaborative functionality that includes group messaging, text response and read notification.

“The healthcare industry is still reliant on what most professionals view today as an outdated technology—the pager. Up until this point, our physicians have used a traditional pager to help them keep priority messages distinct from other, less urgent communications. Unfortunately, with a one-way communication system, reliability and responsiveness have always been a concern…OnPage has mitigated those issues for our organization by enabling our physicians to use their smartphones to send and receive priority messages instantly.” said Adam C. Marks, Director of Business & Technical Operations at RSC New England, a Massachusetts-based fertility center.

With Onset Technology’s new application, physician can confirm that the page was sent and read, eradicating the one-way messaging system of a pager; a feature that will ultimately condense response time during time sensitive events. Physicians do not have to waste time scrolling through messages as the application has a built in prioritization system that will push those that are more critical to the front for faster response.

OnPage can additionally be utilized outside the hospital for any time sensitive situation.

“Whether you are an ‘on-call’ healthcare professional or a busy parent in need of a direct line to your children, paging and priority messaging continues to serve a critical communications need. However—by forcing individuals to carry an additional and bulky device with limited functionality—there are inherent limitations in this aging technology,” says Judit Sharon, CEO of Onset Technology.


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