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OnPage Blast IT is designed to help organizations enhance their current communication management plan and streamline effective communications not just with the response team but also with employees, vendors and clients in times of crisis.

OnPage Blast it

Designed to get the word out fast!


Editable Templates

Blast IT allows users to create editable templates beforehand to expedite the crisis notification process. Blast IT also allows users to use free text to compose a message. The highly customizable nature allows for contextual notifications to be composed like instruction for an evacuation.

Smart contact lists

Access all recipient lists and information within the Members tab. OnPage Blast IT’s intuitive upload wizard separates individuals into their respective departments so you can identify and mass notify particular groups of people or departments quickly.


Audit trail

OnPage Blast IT enables reporting that tells you if the notifications were sent and acknowledged. Recipients can easily acknowledge a Blast IT notification to inform the sender that they have received the message.  In times of crisis this information is especially crucial to teams who operate knowing that the people they serve have the knowledge they need.

Effective Incident crisis communications plans call for at least two types of communication:

OnPage - Incident Management & Critical notifications

Critical notifications to stakeholders, response teams and business continuity teams which require an immediate, distinct notification with Alert-until-Read, automatic acknowledgement, redundancies, escalations, schedules and reporting capabilities; all of which are currently provided with the OnPage incident management system.

OnPage offers Incident Management & Critical notifications

Blast IT - Mass Notifications

Mass notification using email, SMS or voice to those affected by the incident, to provide information and instructions as to what happened and what actions they should take (i.e. network is down – stand by, execute evacuation plan, snow day – stay home, reminders, etc.) along with acknowledgement that the message was received. This capability is now available via OnPage Blast IT

Mass notification using email, SMS or voice to those affected by the incident

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