2016 – OnPage Year in Review

OnPage Year in Review

This past year has been one of great growth and performance for OnPage. We have added many features and integrations to the product, making 2016 an awesome year. We see these steps forward as the basis for future growth.


BVoIPBvoIP offers voice systems that advance the way teams communicate during critical situations. By integrating with OnPage, BVoIP solved a crucial issue MSPs face in providing alerts.

Cisco Tropo – At the beginning of 2016, we announced our integration with Cisco’s Tropo technology. The integration allows users to turn voice messages into critical alerts.

ConnectWise – While integration began in 2015, it did not achieve its current robustness until this year. Connectwise integration allows MSPs the opportunity to integrate one of the most popular software solutions in the industry with critical alerting. Now, when an RMM gives off an alert, it can get ticketed in ConnectWise and alerted through OnPage.

Slack – Slack is one of the most popular chat channels across industries. By integrating with OnPage, Slack users can elevate critical conversations via a separate chat channel and have messages go directly to the OnPage app.

Spark – OnPage’s Cisco Spark integration provides the perfect tool for enterprise communication, adding critical, time-sensitive, messaging capability to the communication channel. All your files and conversations are in one place with Cisco Spark and so is the time-stamped audit trail of the communication with OnPage. Cisco Spark allows you to message, commence video calls and even share your screen.

New OnPage Features

OnPage Version 5.1.3 – The updated app provides several new bits of functionality such as allowing users to play back or re-record a voice attachment when composing a message.

Page to Phone – While OnPage is the ultimate in alerting and critical notification technology, there are times when users find themselves outside of the wi-fi magical garden. In these “dead zones”, OnPage users will either have to wait until they return to civilization [read: someplace where there is wi-fi] or use the Page to Phone technology. Message recipients who didn’t receive the OnPage alert due to poor or lack of data coverage can receive the phone call-OnPage alert and can acknowledge the message as having been read by simply hitting a number on their smartphone. This prevents message escalation and ensures the audit trail marks the message as read.

OnPage success stories

Bilingual Office – OnPage used Cisco Tropo to create a bilingual, automated communication instance for a doctor’s office in Wisconsin. By using the integration, the doctor’s patients – who were primarily Spanish speaking – could have assistance in reaching the doctor after hours and have their critical message reach the doctor’s OnPage account.

ANP – By using OnPage’s cloud-based, virtual paging app in conjunction with ConnectWise, Pennsylvania-based MSP Advanced Network Products (ANP) has been able to dramatically improve its response time to critical IT alerts and better manage SLAs.

Boston Business Journal We are super proud of the recent article that appeared about OnPage in the Boston Business Journal. The article which appeared in the last week of 2016 discussed how OnPage brings critical communications to the smartphone age.

Cygnus systems – Cygnus Systems is one of OnPage’s MSP partners. By using the OnPage-Connectwise integration, Cygnus was able to grow their business by 25%.

The OnPage Crystal ball

We have a great team here at OnPage. We have produced a lot of creative ways to work with our customers and look forward to continuing with this trend.

Going into 2017 we see future integrations with other vendors and new features added to our app and console.

As always, we would love to hear from our users and readers. Let us know what you think about the new integrations and services we provide. Take a moment to contact us.