OnPage releases new version for AppStore


OnPage polishes Apple image with new release

OnPage is pleased to announce the release of a new OnPage app. The new app runs on iOS8 and up and has many new features which customers have been clamoring for. These features are also designed to maximize user experience and facilitate the critical alerting process for healthcare and IT.

New OnPage app has significant upgrades

There are six major updates that users will find in the newest release:

  • Users can now select multiple contacts at a time from the OnPage address book. Now, you can alert multiple contacts with one alert
  • Users can forward attachments to another user. If you receive an attachment with an OnPage alert, you can forward the attachment text, image or voice attachment to another user
  • Users can view the other OnPage IDs in a particular group
  • Sort by Contacts or Groups. Rather than henpecking for a contact or group, contacts and groups are now sorted
  • Play back or rerecord voice attachment when composing a message. If you need to add a voice attachment to an OnPage message, you can record and rerecord again to make sure you got it right. We recently highlighted the capabilities of our voice attachment feature in a recent blog.
  • Set low priorities to silent and high priorities to play a sound. Since not all messages are created equal, you might not want alerting for a given time frame for low priority messages. In this case, low priority messages can be set to silent.

Persistent alerting still a core function

With these additional features, OnPage has not changed its mission of ensuring critical messages get to the right person at the right time. In fact, we are confident that these additional features will further enable critical messaging and facilitate resolutions.

OnPage users will continue to have the advanced features which they have become accustomed to such as:

  • Secure alerting: All messaging is encrypted
  • Persistent messaging for up to 8 hours: Also known as alert until read, alerts will continue for up to 8 hours before expiring
  • Real time communication: Instantaneous messaging with individuals or team members
  • HIPAA compliance: All messages are HIPAA compliant
  • Multiple ring tones and settings: Pick the ring tone you want to alert you
  • Ease of use: OnPage’s technology is intuitive. It’s easy to set up and easy to use.

The OnPage app has been approved by Apple and is currently available for download on the AppStore.