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Want to alert for critical notifications from within Slack? Use OnPage

OnPage is a cloud-based secure alerting platform that allows users to send priority messages to SOC, IT, DevOps or any engineering teams to apprise them of critical alerts such as failed deployments, intrusions or server errors. By integrating OnPage with Slack, Slack users now have the ability to send important notifications to the OnPage app from within the Slack messaging console.

If a Slack conversation between users identifies an important IT issue, one of the engineers can reach out for help by contacting the engineer on-call or a subject matter expert by issuing an OnPage command from Slack. The relevant individual is then alerted on the OnPage app on their smartphone and is now aware of the issue. If however, the engineer that was alerted is not available, the OnPage logic will escalate the alert and send to the next person on-call. Once alerted, the engineer can now address the important issue or start a conversation on a separate Slack channel away from the noise of the regular conversation.

Here’s a short video that reviews the integration steps.

Simply follow these steps to add the OnPage Application to your Slack Team:

(1) Go to and login using your OnPage Dispatcher credentials.

(2) Click on the   and Authorize the OnPage Application.

(3)Type slash command /onpage help in Slack to get more usage instructions.

(4) Start communicating with Slack and elevate critical conversations to OnPage.

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