Want to Elevate Your Slack Messages?


The OnPage secure messaging and incident alert management system is used by IT teams, DevOps, managed service providers (MSPs) and healthcare professionals. OnPage ensures that important notifications get to the right person at the right time.

By integrating with Slack, users can send critical messages from the Slack thread to an OnPage user as an urgent message with Alert-Until-Read notifications. The recipient can then answer and have their response immediately integrated into the Slack channel. Thus, conversations are enhanced, and issue resolution is expedited. Setting up the integration is easy and effortless, allowing important exchanges to begin almost instantly. The OnPage application requires a paid account but also has a free trial period.

Use Case: Elevate Critical Messages Right From the Slack Thread!

If a Slack conversation between users identifies an important IT issue, one of the engineers can reach out for help by contacting the engineer on call or a subject matter expert by trying into the thread, the OnPage command:

/onpage The servers are down @johnlobb

The relevant individual is then alerted on the OnPage app on their smartphone and is now aware of the issue. However, if the engineer that was alerted is not available, the OnPage algorithm will escalate the alert and send it to the next person on call. Once alerted, the engineer can now address the important issue or start a conversation on a separate Slack channel away from the noise of the regular conversation.

Simply Follow These Steps to Add OnPage to Slack:

  1. Go to https://integrations.onpage.com/ and log in using your OnPage dispatcher credentials.
  2. Click on the “add to Slack” button and authorize the OnPage application.
  3. Type slash command/OnPage help in Slack to get more usage instructions.
  4. Start communicating with Slack and elevate critical conversations to OnPage.

5 Ways to Enhance Slack through Critical Alerting whitepaper

5 Ways to Enhance Slack through Critical Alerting

We live in a world of messages and alert notifications, and if you work in IT, you probably are buried in an avalanche of alerts!

In our latest white paper entitled, “5 Ways to Enhance Slack Through Critical Alerting,” we detail ways your team can better manage critical alerts. These are methods such as:

  • Integrating separate channels
  • Creating alternative workflows to include critical alerts in Slack
  • Improving management of signal to noise

That way, you can make sure your critical alerts do not get buried and your team’s messaging can easily flow into resolving important issues.

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