BVoIP Case Study

Voice-as-a-service is a growing channel offering among MSPs. With a tool set like that provided by BVoIP, MSPs can instantly provide a variety of voice-enabled technologies. When BVoIP integrated with OnPage, the Philadelphia-based company was suddenly able to provide critical alerting with voice attachments.

OnPage-BVoIP integration means no reinventing the wheel

By integrating with OnPage, BVoIP solved a crucial issue MSPs face in providing alerts. For BVoIP, the issue was how to incorporate voice messaging within the context of a critical alert. However,  George Bardisi, BVoIP’s CEO, found this as a relatively simple issue to resolve. According to George:

Since we primarily work with IT providers and MSPs, the need for intelligent routing (of alerts) is necessary. Why reinvent the wheel when there is OnPage – an awesome solid application that already exists to do so? Why reinvent the wheel when it’s already cloud based so partners don’t need to worry about upgrading?”

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