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ServiceNow integration in action

The ServiceNow integration with OnPage is easy to set up, use and manage

Fast, easy setup
Set up and integration with the OnPage environment is automated so that when an admin enters their dispatcher credentials, registration is automatic, and users and groups begin to sync to ServiceNow. See the Quick Start Guide for the three-step integration process.

Intuitive UX and UI
The integration was designed with ServiceNow’s diverse users in mind, minimizing the need for coding and reducing complex workflows to simple statements built using the Conditions Builder. IT professionals can now manage OnPage users and OnPage escalation teams from the ServiceNow dashboard, with direct integration to the ServiceNow scheduler.

Faster response and resolution to IT issues
Key elements added to the integration, such as single-menu navigations, user warnings, help icons and simple list and form set ups, revolutionize ITSM by reducing the time between when an incident is cataloged in ServiceNow and when the responder handles the task. This user-centric approach minimizes user error and simplifies the setup of workflows.

Customized notifications, without developer involvement
Admins can grant ServiceNow licensed users the ability to manage their own notifications and users can create static and dynamic conditions for notifications. Users can now define templates for outgoing messages which can include values from the originating record (incident, alert, etc.) and users can define their own reply options or select from a list of shared reply options.

Better collaboration through automatically updated tickets
Tickets are automatically updated in real time via the OnPage app, so IT teams can work in a coordinated fashion. Audit trails are generated automatically.

Mass notification via ServiceNow
With the OnPage BlastIT integration, mass notifications can be delivered quickly and accurately to employees, customers, or stakeholders from the ServiceNow dashboard during emergency situations.

new servicenow alert integration

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