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Dialing a Letter (alpha character) on a BlackBerry® Key Pad.

Have you ever tried dialing an OnPageID number that included alpha characters on your BlackBerry® device? It could be something simple like [email protected] Did you get a little frustrated that you didn’t know how to dial the alpha characters?

Well, you’re not alone, but there is a quick and simple solution.

We love BlackBerry® devices and they have some incredible features and capabilities, but the issue of dialing alpha characters from the keypad is one that derails lots of folks.  The good news is that once you know how, you’ll remember it forever.

So, let’s take our example [email protected] As you’re first looking at the keypad you don’t see any letters to select. But, if you hold down the “Alt” key you’ll be able to find the alpha character equivalent right there on the keypad.

Super simple right? Now you’ll be able to hunt and peck your way to all your OnPage connections.

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