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February 27, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

OnPage’s Updates Make Messages Safer and Easier to Deliver Than Ever Before

Professionals in IT, healthcare and managed services look to OnPage to enable them to exchange critical messages in a safe and secure manner. These same professionals also expect that in the heat of an incident, they will be able to exchange messages immediately with colleagues and know if their colleagues are logged in and available … Continued

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February 20, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

Bullet-proof MSP critical alerting

OnPage Gets Dynamic Network Solutions Across the Finish Line Dynamic Network Solutions, located in the greater Washington D.C. area, prides itself in providing the highest quality customer service. The company works extensively with its customers to manage client needs and provide them with significant training to avoid unwanted security incidents and downtime. Dynamic Network Solutions … Continued

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February 14, 2018 | by Shawn Lazarus

New OnPage Connectwise Manage Integration feature: Manage stakeholders with E-mail Gateway

OnPage has developed an exciting new feature for MSPs called The E-mail Gateway which bring together, ConnectWise Manage, The ConnectWise Email Connector and OnPage’s Incident Management System. OnPage instantaneously creates a connection between the client, the ticket created in ConnectWise Manage and the incident responder using OnPage. This enables MSP’s clients to communicate with the … Continued

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February 14, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

OnPage Chosen by Alberta Health Services to Maintain Employee Health

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is Canada’s largest provincewide health system responsible for delivering health services to Alberta’s citizens and maintaining the health of the system’s over 108,000 employees. Occupational health is a significant issue for such a large workforce population, specifically when confronted with blood body fluid exposures (BBFE). AHS’s Workplace Health and Safety group … Continued

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February 9, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

The Importance of Disaster Recovery for HIPAA Compliance

Why DR for HIPAA Compliance Cannot be an Afterthought In March 2016, a cyberattack was launched on MedStar Health, a healthcare chain in the DC area. The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) actually investigated the incident. With the IT system inaccessible, MedStar Health simply decided to temporarily halt any admissions of patients to 250 outpatient … Continued

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February 6, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

6 Ways healthcare can improve secure clinical communications

The healthcare industry is currently laden with pagers. The joke is that not even drug dealers use pagers any more. However, almost 80% of doctors do use pagers. The main problems with pagers is that they impede efficient clinical communications and lack security. How can clinicians and the hospitals they work for embark on improving … Continued

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January 30, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

HIPAA Challenges for 2018

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is the department within the Department of Health and Human Services that is tasked with enforcing HIPAA and in meting out fines or citations for violations. Given the organization’s importance in adjudicating HIPAA fines, healthcare organizations are highly interested in knowing what changes the OCR might offer in their … Continued

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January 25, 2018 | by Shawn Lazarus

The downside to using email to manage your on call team

There are a number of reasons why email is predominately used to manage an incident. Everyone usually has access to email and the email technology has already been “paid for”. Therefore it’s easy to think of email as being a cheap resource that’s easy for MSPs to use. But easy isn’t always best…or even appropriate. … Continued

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January 18, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

Is Text Messaging Patient Information HIPAA Compliant?

Written by Arianna Etemadieh, Inbound Marketing Specialist at Paubox Considering the usefulness of smartphones, it’s no surprise that many people rely on them. Whether it’s for checking emails, searching a quick inquiry or actually making a phone call, smartphones are out and about more often than not. With that said, wouldn’t it be convenient to … Continued

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January 18, 2018 | by Orlee Berlove

Making sure your MSP can meet the scalability challenge

MSPs at Scale For MSPs to grow their business, they need to be able to scale. Scaling doesn’t just mean growing. While scaling can mean growing so that you can can handle more clients, it can equally mean knowing how to contract when business is slow. But while this wisdom might seem obvious, actual implementation … Continued

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