The 6 Ways to Improve Incident Management guide details practical ways for IT teams to improve incident management performance. Tips include how to:

  • Apply experimentation to test incident management solutions
  • Make incident management a team effort
  • Automate tasks that don’t require engineer intervention

The guide helps teams evaluate what is working well and what incident management processes need improvement.

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improve incident management

What is Incident Management?

Incident management defines the orchestration of personnel, technology and processes to quickly resolve IT service interruptions. When IT service is interrupted, it is imperative to restore the quality of service to normal operations as quickly as possible.

improve incident management
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improve incident management

Effective Incident Alerting With OnPage

OnPage orchestrates alerts originating from incidents, enabling incident response teams to start the triage and remediation process. These alerts can override the silent switch and provide ALERT-UNTIL-READ capabilities, ensuring that critical messages are never missed. OnPage’s escalation, redundancy, and scheduling features make the system infinitely more secure and reliable than emails, texts and phone calls.

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Introducing: Schedule Exceptions

On-call schedule exceptions come in handy when making one-time manual adjustments to on-call recurring schedules. It enables administrators to easily create an exception to a schedule when a user is sick, has to go on a vacation, or would simply like to swap on-call periods with someone else.

Schedule Exceptions are now available on the OnPage web management console.

Schedule Exception

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OnPage is a reliable critical alerting platform, streamlining clinical and IT team workflows. It’s a 21st century HIPAA-compliant system, built with must-have capabilities and functionalities. 

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