Failover Redundancy Update


OnPage Alerts Will Not Fail!


OnPage Added a Fail-Over Redundancy Feature to message Escalation so No message is a “Fail”.

In the event a message sent to an escalation group does not meet the escalation requirements, OnPage now offers two new configuration options:

  • Failover To OnPage ID’s: Inform OnPage users of the failed message escalation. Failover recipients are sent a modified copy of the original message which includes “FO:” in the subject and the name of the group the message was sent to.
  • Escalation Failover Report: Specify an email address which will receive a report including the message tracking information for the failed escalation. Including the original message subject and body in the report is optional.

Example Failover Report:OnPage Failover Report - 7 day FREE TRIAL - CLICK HERE to Download OnPage Today!











Anyone involved with IT and data center management understands that Messaging Failure is NOT an option.

The “What If” scenario, namely, what if no one answers their incident alert, is less of a concern with OnPage Failover Redundancy.

As data storage grows and organizations become more complex, the risk of sensitive data being compromised increases at an alarming pace. With data breaches becoming more common every day, organizations are concerned about data safety and communicating confidently as well as their servers being up 24/7.

More and more, IT departments are playing a significant strategic role in a company’s success. In an ever changing IT landscape, when dealing with data breaches and data loss prevention, preparedness is key. Meaningful, attention getting alerts with a full audit trail are an expected part of every data center’s cybersecurity compliance planning.

Every incident, large or small must reach a qualified team member reliably every time. OnPage, with the latest technology and fail-safe connectivity is the strategic system relied on by the most demanding IT departments nationwide.

CIOs, data center managers, and IT teams need to know that the lines of incident communication are always fault tolerant and fail-safe. OnPage provides business owners, organizations, large and small, reliable data breach and equipment failure alerts along with assured messaging redundancy.

While no single solution addresses every contingency, the integration of the fully redundant OnPage secure messaging system has become an IT industry standard.
OnPage - New Failover Redundancy Feature Ensures No Message is a “Fail”.

“Our continuous commitment to constant innovation really shines through on this update, said Judit Sharon, CEO of OnPage Corporation. Fail-Safe Escalation incorporating fully secured cloud technology, along with failover reports is today’s gold-standard for a secure priority messaging system.”