What Does IT Downtime Cost Your Business?

Can You Guess the Average Cost of IT Downtime?

  1. $50,00 per incident
  2. $100,000 per incident
  3. $250,000 per incident
  4. $500,000 per incident
  5. MORE THAN $500,000 per incident

Here’s How to Increase Responsiveness and Decrease IT Downtime for Healht Care and for IT.

The answer is #5 – the average outage incident in a health care environment costs $690,000, according to a study by the Ponemon Institute & Emerson Network Power. Large enterprise groups, according to the study, may incur costs exceeding $1.74 million per incident.

The Cost of the Outage Alone is Only Part of the Picture:

Today, the healthcare industry is dependent on data for clinical metrics, patient care, billing, reporting, and more. Server downtime is not only costly, but can be detrimental to daily operations.

  • Fines associated with each incident can increase the cost substantially, depending on a number of factors such as the length of data downtime and the complexity of downtime.

 “This increase in cost underscores the importance for organizations to make it a priority to minimize the risk of downtime that can potentially cost thousands of dollars per minute,” said Ponemon.

Minimize Server Downtime and Associated Costs:

  • Ensure that you are receiving monitoring notifications efficiently and immediately
  • Increase your IT team’s responsiveness to monitoring alerts
  • Upgrade from outdated Pager solutions*

*An outdated communications solution such as pagers can inhibit your team’s responsiveness to mission critical messages. That could result in downtimes or longer downtimes.

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