OnPage ServiceNow notification workflow

The OnPage Integration app allows customers of OnPage to integrate paging services with ServiceNow. Users can create rules for record values on TASK tables which are allowed by the application admin. The admin may also enable rules for the Incident Alert table. These rules are coupled with user-defined templates to generate notifications to users and groups in the external OnPage service.

As the OnPage notification is moved through the delivery process, it will relay its progress to ServiceNow. This activity is recorded in the work notes by default but can be disabled or viewed as a related list. If an OnPage recipient responds to the notification, OnPage will relay the response to ServiceNow, which may cause actions on related records (as allowed by an administrator).

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Ticketing and Alert Management on One Platform

The ServiceNow integration takes advantage of the power of the ServiceNow platform to deliver intelligent, automated alerts through the OnPage platform and mobile app. The integration was purpose-built on the ServiceNow platform to ensure the best performance for many use cases across the enterprise and provides configuration options that are not available in any other solution.

Competitors require admins to manage notification contents, typically on their platform. OnPage is the only solution to allow users to create and update their own notifications within ServiceNow. OnPage also allows users to create and update their own subscriptions (also called rules or triggers) that define when notifications should be sent.

Other systems require weeks of development and code changes to add more triggers. With OnPage, if you can build a report, you can build a subscription.


ServiceNow integration

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Enterprise-Ready Incident Alert Management

Built for Flexibility

Unlike most solutions, OnPage’s ServiceNow integration is built for flexibility and expansion across the enterprise without the need to engage with a technical resource. It allows non-technical users to build rules and alerts for eight commonly used task-type records in ServiceNow by default, but expanding notifications to other task-type records can be done in minutes. Administrators can set up ServiceNow to support notifications from nearly every table in ServiceNow with minimal development.

The advanced integration is compatible with several ServiceNow versions including:

  • Paris
  • Orlando
  • New York


The integration automatically tracks and retries notifications that are slow or temporarily unable to send. If the integration is unable to deliver a notification after multiple attempts (adjustable threshold), built-in alerting notifies administrators and OnPage support. Admins can use the OnPage Integration Status dashboard to manage, retry, or cancel failed notifications. Both users and admins can access links to support in the navigation menus.

Powerful Reply Automation

While many systems can perform actions on tickets, the OnPage integration performs actions natively—the scripting is performed inside ServiceNow and not by an API integration. This provides broader capabilities without needing to grant security permissions to an external platform. Admins can script simple functions, like changing ticket assignment or state and share the script with all users. They can also script advanced functions, like updating related records, triggering scripts and more.

OnPage BlastIT Mass Notifications on ServiceNow

With the ServiceNow integration, OnPage’s mass notification feature enables teams to quickly update users before, during and following any type of emergency right from the ServiceNow dashboard.

Keep your employees, vendors and clients informed of any critical situation, while maintaining rock-solid communications. Emergency messages can be pre-configured so that when time is of the essence, your team can act quickly and effectively.

For details on how rules are applied to determine which person or groups should be notified, see the User Sync Workflow.

OnPage-ServiceNow Integration Benefits

ServiceNow integration


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