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Secured Texting is NOT Acceptable for Pager Replacement

Due to the new HIPAA compliance guidelines that came out in September, more organizations rush to get compliant messaging solutions such as secure SMS. However, there are many reasons why secured texting is NOT acceptable for healthcare communication and is NOT a suitable replacement for pagers.

1) Secured Texting does NOT enable messages to be sent through multiple platforms; messages can only be sent through the application

2) Secured Texting does NOT provide persistent alerts until the message is acknowledged; it will only alert you once.

3) Secured Texting does NOT offer a repeated delivery until your device is operational

4) Secured Texting does NOT have a time stamped audit trial for ALL messages

5) Secured Texting does NOT allow for group or escalation group messages.

6) Secured Texting IS NOT fully HIPAA compliant. It does not archive messages.

If you are using secured texting as your messaging solution, you need to consider the risks associated with it. These risks include breaching HIPAA compliance which can result in heavy fines and information leaks.  When every piece of communication between physicians or patients is essential for documenting safe practices it is important that the communication tool you use records and tracks every piece of information to ensure the highest level of compliance. OnPage meets ALL of the criteria listed above, and is the perfect tool for anyone in the healthcare industry. OnPage provides you with everything you need to ensure that your messaging needs are taken care of.

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