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From implementing HIPAA compliant messaging for residency programs to streamlining critical communications for Telemedicine

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HIPAA Secure Messaging

Our HIPAA compliant critical messaging service enables healthcare providers to communicate via encrypted and secure text communication with their employees as well as each other. OnPage messages are SSL encrypted and can only be viewed by message participants. Furthermore, OnPage has remote wipe capabilities to further ensure HIPAA compliance.

Healthcare organizations must follow secure messaging practices that include:

  • a sign-on process
  • encrypted messaging
  • delivery and read receipts
  • date and time stamps
  • customized messaging retention time frames
  • specified contact lists

OnPage provides all these features right on your smartphone in a fashion that’s easy to set-up and use. We provide a unique solution for doctors and nurses to receive alerts on their smartphones and respond to alerts immediately.

HIPAA compliant

Summary of the HIPAA Rule

Better Coverage – Better Outcomes

Deliver critical messages even when recipient is without cellular coverage using Wifi. With OnPage, doctors are never too far from the hospital to receive alerts and you know when messages reach their destination and exactly when they are read.Unlike less reliable pagers, non-compliant SMS solutions or pager services, OnPage allows you to take real-time actions — saving time and saving lives.

CASE STUDY: Critical HIPAA compliant communication 

Healthcare personals

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Improve Workflows – Improve Communications

Using OnPage’s critical messaging service improves workflows and communication. Our on-call scheduling management allows for sending low or high priority alerts to the right person. In certain situations, you might want to escalate alerts to specific groups or individuals. OnPage lets you do that. Send attachments to enhance the message. Use audit trails to ensure you know when a message is delivered, read and replied to.

CASE STUDY: Supporting Veterans in PTSD

Convenient and Continuous Coverage

Eliminate the need for carrying multiple devices. Our app lives on your smartphone and ensures that you never miss a critical alert. OnPage alerts grab your attention immediately – even if you’re sleeping. Our persistent alerts push to your phone for up to 8 hours to ensure you never miss a critical message.

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