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Case Study: Rapidly Improving Behavioral Health Communications

Behavioral health focuses on improving the wellbeing of patients to ensure they make a positive impact on society. Per the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health disorders have increased by 13 percent in the last decade.

OnPage recognizes the importance of behavioral therapy and the patient’s need for immediate care. This case study provides insight into three customer use cases and how OnPage dramatically improved their respective workflows.

Behavioral Health


Case Study: Divisions Of Family Practice Adopts OnPage

Divisions of Family Practice (DoFP) is a non-profit organization that works collaboratively with community and healthcare partners to enhance patient care and professional satisfaction for physicians.

Download this case study to learn how DoFP uses OnPage’s communication and collaboration platform to improve care delivery across British Columbia, Canada.

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Case Study: OnPage Supports Veterans In PTSD Study

OnPage is proud to have been able to provide pro bono support for a suicide prevention study. Sarah Carter headed a study on PTSD, stress, suicide, military couples and social support.

OnPage was used to send out alerts to Sarah and her team in the event that a filled out questionnaire they designed in Qualtrics showed suicidal tendencies. To learn more, read our case study.

OnPage’s integration with email enables messages sent by Qualtrics to be forwarded to Sarah’s OnPage account or the account of one of her team members. Previous OnPage studies have shown that emails are forwarded to OnPage in under 20 seconds.

OnPage ChatOps solution


Case Study: SAGE - Telemedicine

OnPage now supports telemedicine. In our newest case study, we explore how OnPage saves lives and improves patient outcomes in a teleneurology practice.

At SAGE NeuroHospital Management Group, OnPage was brought in to:
1. Enable secure and persistent critical alerting capabilities
2. Provide escalation policies to ensure a neurologist on-call will connect to remote clinics using state of the art telemedicine technology
3. Create reports to examine workflow efficiency and effectiveness

telemedicine pager


Case Study: Replacing The Pager

This Hospital’s doctors experienced several instances when the pages were missed because they didn’t arrive on the doctor’s pager.

OnPage’s critical alerting technology provided the internal medicine department with the ability to reliably receive and respond to patient requests in a timely manner.

Messages sent with OnPage arrive five times faster than with traditional pagers.

> Automated Escalation
> Zero missed alerts
> HIPAA compliant two way messaging
> Ease of use
> Budget friendly


Case Study: Residency Program Critical Communication

A respected medical school’s residency program looked for an alert management solution that was HIPAA compliant and secure. The hospital was unwilling to forgo availability and accountability. They looked at non-digital paging systems that the local police department used however those pagers just paged and did not have any additional features.

OnPage quickly resolved the hospital’s issues with poor paging coverage, HIPAA compliance and messaging accountability.

The hospital experienced:

> Resident accountability via the Audit Trail.
> Solid coverage without gaps, no matter where the residents were located.
> Easy to deploy software-as-a-service with virtually no learning curve.
> On-Call scheduler with escalation and failover.


OnPage Empowers Home Healthcare with Responsive Patient Communication

Keeping the patients comfort and immediacy-of-care in mind, this home healthcare agency and OnPage were able to implement the rock-solid reliable clinical communication platform, creating a seamless patient experience. OnPage allowed patients to receive fast, medical attention from the comfort of their own homes by:

  • Implementing a dedicated line that connects patients with care teams instantaneously
  • Granting care teams scheduling flexibility
  • Automating alerting for faster response times

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