Helicopter Services Company Adopts BlastIT

In times of crisis, the large helicopter services firm has the duty to communicate and inform stakeholders of major incidents. However, due to inefficient communication processes, the company could not reach stakeholders in time, preventing quick incident response in the process.

This case study discusses how the company was able to enhance its communication practices with OnPage BlastIT mass notifications, ensuring that all stakeholders receive timely, simultaneous alerts in dire situations.

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Helicopter Services Company Adopts BlastIT

What Are Mass Notifications?

Mass notifications are simultaneous alerts sent to appropriate groups during urgent situations. This way, recipients receive timely notifications during unforeseen events. It’s a sure way to inform users, while providing instructions to avert the impact of the situation.

Where OnPage BlastIT Comes in

OnPage BlastIT helps organizations enhance their current emergency communication management plan and streamline effective communications not just with the response team but also with employees, vendors and clients in times of crisis or whenever urgent, mass notification is needed.



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