The Need for Mass Notifications in Education

School lockdowns and other safety announcements must be communicated to the right individuals at the right time. Higher education requires mass notification software to ensure faculty, students and vendors receive simultaneous messages about time-sensitive events.

Mass notification software provides instructions to follow and recipient message acknowledgements. Students and faculty are always informed on the steps to take to avoid the impact of the incident.

Mass notification software

Mass Notification Software

Effective Mass Notification Software for Schools

OnPage BlastIT is an intelligent mass notification system made for higher-educational institutions. BlastIT allows universities to create message templates and quickly send alerts to the student body and staff. Individuals can receive messages via email, SMS and/or phone call.

The BlastIT mass notification software is available for every organization and industry.

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Video: OnPage BlastIT System

Send mass notifications to students and staff with just a few clicks. Higher-educational institutions get complete control of the emergency notification process through one powerful platform. Watch the video to discover how OnPage BlastIT enhances emergency communications.

Mass notification software

OnPage Is Much More Than Mass Notification Software

OnPage provides a complete IT alert management system for higher education. With OnPage, higher ed IT teams are immediately notified of an institution’s infrastructure issues.

OnPage’s IT service alerting (ITSA) platform offers:

  • Alert-Until-Read mobile alerts that bypass the silent switch
  • Digital on-call schedules to task and manage IT engineers
  • Alert escalations when on-call engineers are unavailable
  • Real-time presence statuses and post-incident reports


Mass Notification Software

By Location: OnPage’s Higher Education Customers


OnPage’s complete IT alerting system is widely used by higher-educational institutions across the U.S. Discover where some of these prestigious universities and colleges are located.


Mass Notification Software


OnPage: Incident Management for Higher Ed IT Teams