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New OnPage App Succeeds where Texting and Email Fail

OnPage for iPhone and BlackBerry is an essential app for IT pros, doctors, nurses—anyone who needs to ensure mission-critical messages are received fast

WALTHAM, Mass.—January 23, 2012—With all the ways people have to communicate today, you‘d think it would be easy to get important messages through. But for many people, crucial and even lifesaving messages can be lost in a flood of emails, texts, instant messages, status updates, and chat windows.
The era of lost messages ends today, thanks to the latest release of OnPage from Onset Technology. The OnPage app instantly transforms an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or BlackBerry into a secure, global digital pager that makes sure urgent messages always get through, and confirms they get read.
“For people who depend on paging to get critical messages, the stand-alone pager is now officially obsolete,” says Judit Sharon, President and CEO of Onset Technology. “The new OnPage for iOS and BlackBerry completely changes the nature of mobile messaging. Now IT shops, hospitals, emergency services, media, and other organizations can consolidate communications in a single mobile device, secure in the knowledge that mission-critical messages will rise above the clutter.”
This next-generation release of the OnPage app brings several breakthrough capabilities to secure, digital paging, including:
An all-new user experience that makes paging fast, efficient, and (dare we say it?) fun!
Confirmed receipt of delivery and reading of critical messages on your smartphone, from and to any OnPage user in the world.
End-to-end encryption that protects private messages from prying eyes.
Streamlined messaging with a new inbox, outbox, reply, and message status that makes it easy to confirm and track conversations.
“In-app” messages that let communications also take place exclusively from inside the OnPage application.
Phonebook sync that automatically draws OnPage contacts from a user’s smartphone contacts.
One-touch responses that allow users to get back to messages with just a tap by sending predefined responses (i.e., “In a meeting,” “Get back to you in 15,” “With a patient,” etc.).
A new reception indicator that tells users when they’re in or out of range at a glance (iOS devices only at this time).
“In-app” password reset that lets users change passwords on the fly.
Compatible with the latest smartphones from Apple and BlackBerry.

Thousands of IT shops, hospitals, and other organizations that used to depend on legacy pagers are now benefiting from an early preview release of the new OnPage app. And now the power to ensure every important message is received is available to everyone with an iPhone, BlackBerry, and, soon, Android smartphone.
“I’ve finally been able to pitch the pager,” says Dr. Andrew Fragen with Desert Trauma Surgeons, in Palm Springs, Ca. “I had been waiting for someone to develop a paging application for the iPhone, and [the new] OnPage doesn’t disappoint.”
OnPage is available as a free download for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and BlackBerry. It supports Apple iOS 5 and BlackBerry 7 OS, with support for Android smartphones coming in March. OnPage comes with a 14-day risk-free trial, after which users can take advantage of several flexible pricing plans for both personal and business use. For more information about OnPage, visit the OnPage website at https://www.onpage.com or contact Jackie Zima-Evans at (610) 228-2138, (215) 534-2973 (mobile) or write to [email protected]

Onset Technology is a leading vendor of mobile messaging solutions to organizations with mission-critical emergency communications requirements. The company’s OnPage mobile app turns iOS and BlackBerry smartphones into secure digital pagers supported by an enterprise-grade messaging and paging platform. Onset’s OnPage is now used by over 1,000 organizations, including those in healthcare, emergency services, information technology, financial institutions, the legal profession, and government agencies. For more information about OnPage, visit the Onset Technology website at .

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