OnPage is the Perfect Medical Paging Service Alternative

Adopting OnPage’s clinical communication platform equates to enhanced accountability, transparency and reliability. OnPage is an intelligent, automated system, consisting of digital schedules to create on-call “turns” and reduce physician burnout.

OnPage streamlines clinical workflows, further solidifying it as a leader in the pager replacement space. It is a robust HIPAA-compliant solution, built for the needs of today’s healthcare organizations.

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How to Ensure HIPAA-Secure Messaging

HIPAA-secure messaging means that the messaging containing patient information, care instructions or any other relevant patient information must be both secure and encrypted.

On-Call Presence Statuses

Healthcare organizations now have access to detailed presence information. OnPage’s pager replacement solution provides physicians and nurses with access to presence information so they know if team members are on call and logged in.

On-call physicians

OnPage medical paging system

OnPage is a Medical Paging System

OnPage includes:

> Configurable escalation policies
> Two-way messaging with rich content and attachments
> Contact sync
> One monthly fee covers unlimited global messaging
> Secure, encrypted communication
> Remote data wipe of sensitive patient information
> Repeated alert delivery

See a side-by-side comparison between OnPage, pagers and email to learn more.

The Secret Cost of Healthcare Pagers

Insecure paging costs extend beyond passing insecure information. For example, pager use by healthcare providers increases the cost of patient care as well as the cost of coordinating care among doctors.

The “Secret Cost of Pagers” guide looks at these and several other unforeseen costs that result from healthcare pager use including the costs of:

  • Supporting legacy technology
  • Providing immediate and persistent alerting
  • HIPAA violations

Secret Cost of Pagers