HIPAA-Secure Messaging

Perfecting HIPAA-Secure Messaging

OnPage’s HIPAA-secure messaging platform allows care teams to securely exchange sensitive information on the OnPage mobile pager application. All communications are encrypted and hosted on OnPage’s SSAE-16-compliant facility.

The mobile pager service enhances care team accountability, transparency and responsiveness. OnPage’s HIPAA-secure messaging solution overrides the silent switch on all smartphones, and it automates alert delivery to the person on call through web-based digital schedules and escalation policies.

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HIPAA-Secure Messaging for All Facilities

OnPage’s HIPAA-secure messaging service enables healthcare providers to communicate via encrypted and secure text communication.

Additional features include the ability to:

  • Create and manage escalation policies
  • Bring critical alerts to the forefront, continuing for up to eight hours until acknowledged
  • Override the silent switch on all mobile devices
  • Enable administrator-user secure communications
  • Track messages and review audit trails with SENT, DELIVERED and READ receipts
  • Give every group their preferred on-call rotation with on-call scheduling
  • Create on-call recurring schedule exceptions
  • Add attachments to messages for better decision-making
  • Mute the mobile pager when off duty
  • Remote wipe sensitive information if devices are confiscated

Latest Integration:

OnPage-OpenEMR Integration

Using OnPage’s API, OnPage makes web service requests to OpenEMR records and when the established criteria are met (i.e., a change in the EMR that is significant enough to trigger an alert), OnPage receives a response, along with relevant information and files to include in an alert to the appropriate person or care team.

Download: Questions to Ask Before Adopting HIPAA-Secure Messaging

Many hospitals are postponing their decisions on replacing their obsolete pager systems. They don’t want to run the risk of selecting a solution that is difficult to use and that will meet with user resistance.

What’re the best criteria for choosing a secure messaging alternative? This guide explores nine important questions to ask of any clinical communications platform vendor including:

  • Does the solution actually replace pagers or just add on to pagers?
  • Does the solution comply with HIPAA mandates?
  • Does the solution improve workflows, keep the status quo or disrupt communication?

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HIPAA-Secure Messaging

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