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OnPage – HIPAA Secure Messaging

HIPAA secure messaging that is easy to use and reliable

HIPAA secure messaging for hospitals and clinics

– Our HIPAA secure messaging service enables healthcare providers to communicate via encrypted and secure text communication with their employees as well as each other.

-Create and manage escalation policies

-OnPage, intelligent alerts cut through the noise by bringing critical alerts to the forefront and continuing for up to 8 hours until acknowledged.

-Audit Trails allow you to track messages with SENT, DELIVERED and READ receipts.

-Every group gets their preferred, on-call rotation with on-call scheduling for multiple individuals without limitation to location.

-Add images and voice attachments to your text messages to convey more information, allowing for more informed decisions.

-Mute OnPage when you are off duty and do not want to receive alerts.

-Ability to remotely wipe sensitive patient information

Download our white paper on the Questions To Ask Before Adopting HIPAA Secure Messaging

Miguel A. Cano, MD, FACOG
Adventist Health Center

Susan E. Moynihan, MD
North Shore Physicians Group

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