OnPage is a cutting-edge technology company and the global leader in mobile secure messaging and incident alert management. OnPage enables effortless and contextual digital interactions between response teams and business stakeholders. Built around the incident resolution lifecycle, the platform enables organizations to get the most out of their digitization investments.

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REPORT : 2019 Incident Management Trends

The 2019 Incident Management Trends report is based on a survey of IT and MSP professionals and explores ITSM challenges, metrics and tech usage.

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2-minute Video – ServiceNow integration in action

Learn about how OnPage can be used for small clinics and large healthcare institutions.

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ITSM Alerts

IT service management (ITSM) refers to the entirety of activities, processes and supporting procedures taken on by IT teams.

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The State of Alerting & On-call Survival for IT Ops

In this DevOps chat we sit down with Judit Sharon, CEO of OnPage. OnPage has been providing alerting and incident management services primarily to the health care industry before DevOps was called DevOps.

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The State of IT Operations Ebook

OnPage has just finished conducting a survey on the State of IT Operations. The results show the unhappy state of alerting in today’s IT world.

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ITIL Incident Management Process

ITIL is one of the the most popular approaches to IT service management in the world and is used by many successful major organizations.

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Video: OnPage – Rock Solid Reliability

Here’s a video that shows you how OnPage’s robust platform delivers Rock Solid Reliability to ensure business continuity.

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What Is Digital On-Call Scheduling?

Digital on-call scheduling is the process of creating defined times, schedules and rotations for shift members via a console or interface to automatically (digitally) alert team members when an incident happens. Members of an IT on-call team respond to critical alerts during after hours, vacation times and weekend periods. Learn more and start your OnPage Enterprise free trial today!

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Video: Are you done with messy alerting

If you are done with messy alerting check out OnPage. It is up-to 5 times faster than pagers and its persistent alerting will go on for 8 hours until the message is acknowledged.

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