How Adopting OnPage can Transform Your Organization

Pager replacement

OnPage provides a reliable incident alerting solution, built for today’s healthcare providers and IT professionals, ensuring that important notifications are sent to the right individuals at the right time, every time. 

Adopting OnPage as a pager service or IT alerting solution equates to HIPAA-compliant exchanges, without human errors or complications.

This post will discuss why organizations should adopt OnPage, highlighting the benefits of adopting its pager replacement and IT critical alerting platform. 

Why Healthcare Providers Need OnPage 

Healthcare providers no longer need to rely on antiquated pagers to address urgent situations. OnPage provides a reliable alerting solution that delivers and escalates critical alerts to on-call physicians. OnPage offers distinguishable, audible notifications for high-priority incidents. Intrusive audible pings can last up to eight hours until acknowledged by the right individual(s) (i.e., care team members). 

As mentioned above, OnPage critical alerts can be escalated to the next person in line when an on-call physician is unavailable. System administrators can create escalation teams or groups using OnPage’s smart digital scheduler. 

Additionally, OnPage’s HIPAA-compliant messaging ensures that sensitive patient details and information are never penetrated by malicious parties. At its core, OnPage enhances a healthcare facility’s security operations

No notification goes unnoticed with OnPage’s audit trails and reports. Administrators can determine which physician is spending most of his or her time responding to issues and reassign upcoming incident management to others to reduce physician burnout.

Why IT Professionals Need OnPage

Before OnPage, IT professionals relied on their email inboxes to receive critical notifications. Unfortunately, these important emails tend to get flooded and buried under other messages, resulting in missed notifications. Consequently, IT support teams or MSP professionals tarnish their reputation and standing with their business clients. 

On the other hand, client IT issues (e.g., infrastructure failures or server down events) are quickly resolved with OnPage’s intelligent alerting solution, resulting in client and stakeholder satisfaction. 

Moreover, OnPage’s dedicated lines feature helps improve the client experience, enabling them to dial just one number to reach their on-call IT engineers. These lines can also be reconfigured with bilingual communications, ensuring that client issues are always addressed regardless of the language spoken.

Additionally, OnPage offers out-of-the-box integrations with popular ticketing systems including, but not limited to, ServiceNow and ConnectWise Manage. Today’s support teams can benefit from an all-powerful solution, converting tickets into intelligent alerts. 

Whether to minimize IT infrastructure downtime or to reduce the response time of healthcare providers in life and death situations, organizations trust OnPage for all their secure, HIPAA-compliant, critical notification needs.

Our latest guide provides an in-depth look at all the features and benefits your organization will gain by adopting OnPage’s incident alert management and pager replacement platform. 

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