Giving critical messages a voice

OnPage voicemail

OnPage releases new voicemail features

In an era where voice mail is ubiquitous, our customers have been asking for the ability to receive voicemail attachments on their OnPage messages. You know, there are times when you need to send a critical message to your physician or IT professional with a voice mail attachment.  And so today we are proud to announce that we now provide our customers with the ability to sign up for our voicemail attachment features.

Dedication of a dedicated line

OnPage’s voicemail attachment feature is predicated on customers having a dedicated line from OnPage. Dedicated lines are a feature which OnPage has provided its customers for well over a year now and they allow customers to have their own dedicated OnPage number.

As opposed to having to use OnPage’s toll free number, a dedicated line provides a personal and unique number for your business. A dedicated line means you have a dedicated phone number through which those without an OnPage account can easily contact you and leave you a call back number.

When one of your customers – who doesn’t even need to know squat about OnPage – wants to get in touch with you, they simply call your dedicated OnPage number. Usually, our customers will create a customized message so their clients know how to leave a call back number.  Your client is then able to send you a critical OnPage alert with their phone number.

The dedicated line feature has been great at enabling the creation of customized phone trees for doctor offices. For example, each doctor at a practice can have their patients navigate the practice’s phone tree to leave a call back number for their doctor. Additionally, business that outsource their IT have a way to quickly begin the incident management process of reaching their MSP or IT provider if a critical technology fails.

Giving a voice to voicemail

The added advantage of OnPage voicemail is that when a patient or business wants to reach their physician or IT provider after hours they can add a voicemail to their call back number. They can leave a message like:

My son has a 104F temperature and the medicine is making him nauseous.


My website is down and no one can buy my product.

Before the physician or IT professional calls back, the doctor can already look at the patient’s records or the company’s website and review potential solutions.

OnPage voicemail process

Voicemail, at your service

There are lots of advantages to having a dedicated line + voicemail. The main advantages though are:

  • Branding: you can create marketing around a dedicated line and use it in advertisements.
  • Responsiveness: OnPage account holders are able to highlight their availability and ability to respond to situations as soon as they receive an alert.
  • Quality control: messages sent to OnPage account holders do not need to go through an intermediary. Mistakes from mis-transcribing or forgetting a message are eliminated.
  • Bilingual communications: Account holders can create multi-language instructions for clients to better meet the needs of clientele
  • Reach multiple groups. Clients can reach multiple individuals within the business by pressing one number
  • Ease of use. These days, everyone has a smartphone. All your client has to do to reach you in an emergency is dial your dedicated number and leave a voicemail. You’ll receive an alert automatically on your OnPage account with the voicemail attachment.

The power of a dedicated line and voicemail might seem slight but it shouldn’t be underestimated. By bringing the technology to your office, you can create your own after-hours service. Not only does that present a cost savings for you, it also creates a significant amount of autonomy.


We see many businesses creating use cases around this technology. To learn more about our dedicated line infrastructure or about OnPage, just contact us!