Missing alerts? Receiving critical messages with vague descriptions? Lacking automation? It could be costing you millions in lost productivity! OnPage helps IT professionals and DevOps practitioners collaborate and resolve incidents quickly.



Alert the right team and the right personCommunicate with team

Whenever there’s a critical IT incident the IT team needs to be alerted in a way that breaks through the noise. OnPage’s web console allows you to reach to your on-call team via multiple channels until they respond. You can set up redundant ways to deliver the message, via the OnPage app, SMS, e-mail and phone. The alert can also be automatically escalated to the next responder on the on-call list if the first responder doesn’t acknowledge the message. OnPage’s scheduler automates on-call rotations and escalations, ensuring the right teams never miss any alerts, for faster incident resolution. 


Alerts with attachments, for better communication

Rich alerts

Add voice and image attachments to the alert to make sure teams have all the information they need to resolve an incident. Responders can quickly reply to messages with free text instructions or select from pre-defined responses (for example, “Assigned”, “Declined”, “Escalate” and “Closed”). 


Foster collaboration

Foster collaboration

OnPage integrates with instant messaging platforms including Slack and Spark to optimize and consolidate critical alerting no matter what communications methods are preferred by team members.


Never miss critical alerts

Devops Incident management tool

Without the right solution, critical alerts often get buried under other email or text messages. OnPage’s unique alerting platform with Alert-Until-Read capabilities pushes the alert persistently for up to 8 hours and is designed to sound loudly and distinctively, making it hard to ignore. 

Automate communication

Devops Incident management tool

OnPage’s integrations with monitoring and PSA solutions allow you to automate sending critical alerts when an anomaly is detected or when a high priority ticket is created. OnPage offers easy-to-install integrations to extend the capabilities of a multitude of systems, including PSA platforms like ConectWise, Autotask and RMM solutions like Kaseya and SolarWinds. Developers and software vendors use our API to enhance their existing in-house solutions.


Measure performance  

Devops Incident management tool

Audit trails allow you to track messages and alerts sent to teams and incident responders, to map their progress through the incident. OnPage’s reporting features make it easy to analyze the team’s performance for post-mortem reviews and meetings.