Datto Autotask Alerts Revolutionized With OnPage Integration

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You asked and we delivered; you and other customers requested a solution that would integrate alert management into Datto’s Autotask PSA capabilities. We at OnPage are excited to announce that this MSP solution is now a reality.

OnPage’s integration with Autotask PSA enables MSP teams to benefit from both platforms and their respective capabilities, all under one user interface. This includes converting Autotask tickets into intelligent alerts with OnPage. As a result, MSP teams can now reduce operating costs, improve response rates and enhance SLA compliance.

Autotask Integration Key Features

Autotask’s API enabled OnPage’s alerting process and technology to become a key element of Autotask’s notification center. MSPs can now streamline their incident management and resolution practices. Teams can create workflows based on alert escalation, where on-call response groups are automatically notified of incidents through customizable incident and ticket criteria. Also, this bi-directional integration ensures that incident notes are captured at the time of the occurrence, guaranteeing that ticketing processes are followed consistently through the OnPage application and Autotask platform.

Check out this one-minute video to see it in action:

Benefits of the Autotask Integration 

Alert escalation is made simple with OnPage’s ALERT-UNTIL-READ technology, ensuring that MSP responders never miss a critical, incident notification. That’s because the technology dispatches persistent, eight-hour alerts based on pre-determined criteria, such as time-between-alerts specifications and team member rotations and on-call schedules.

Also, OnPage provides audit trails for every notification sent out through the Autotask PSA platform. With audit trails, managers can review ticket progress and status in real times. In other words, OnPage eliminates all excuses and ensures that incidents are resolved quickly.

But, OnPage audit trails aren’t only used to check up on incident resolution status. They also provide valuable information for post-incident reporting and analysis, allowing managers to improve on any negative trends and unanswered alerts.

OnPage’s integration with Autotask PSA eliminates the need for costly and ineffective technology, including reliance on middlemen to send out alerts. Lehigh Valley Technology Company, a managed IT support and business solutions company, recently commented on these benefits:

“As a leading MSP, we pride ourselves on delivering amazing service,” said Scott Gingold, president of Lehigh Valley Technology Company. “OnPage’s integration with Datto’s Autotask PSA helps us tackle incidents even more efficiently by eliminating the need for on-call phones and other costly, cumbersome systems.”

MSPs, the integration you’ve been waiting for is now a reality. Take advantage of this powerful combination of solutions, enabling you to leverage Autotask ticketing, while using OnPage alert capabilities for speedy, incident resolution. It’s an effective, new way to handle incidents and ensure that workflows are improved.

Check out the full press release about the integration. For questions regarding OnPage’s recent partnership with Datto’s PSA, please contact us online or call us at (781) 916-0040.

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