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What is Incident Management?

Incident Management refers to the processes and people put in place to identify, analyze and correct incidents that cause company downtime or service interruption. The people who handle these incidents are a part of a incident response team or an incident management team. This team is usually over seen by an incident manager.The goal of incident management is to restore the service as quickly as possible.

How important is speed in Incident Management?

Speed is of the utmost importance within incident management and the Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) needs to be recorded and measured. If you don’t know how long it takes for you or your team to fix issues, you cannot improve on that time.

What do you need for effective Incident Management?

In order to lower your MTTR and get incidents resolved in the fastest way possible you need an;

  • Incident Management System.
  • Incident Management Methodology.

OnPage’s  Incident Management System aligns itself with the service desk by providing incident management teams a way to manage incoming incident alerts, work schedules and team communications. OnPage allows teams to restore service operation A.S.A.P thus minimizing the impact on business operations. OnPage also helps incident management teams to collaborate, communicate and resolve an incident faster by streamlining the Incident Management Methodology.

Incident Management System

Incident Management Methodology

Now lets take a look at the Incident Management Workflow

Using OnPage for your Incident Management Process

1 - The incident occurs - OnPage integrations

At  the time of an incident OnPage integrations elevates notifications to the right person on-call within seconds. Plus, any system that sends off an email notification can be integrated with OnPage. Leverage the automation of the alert through escalation policies and audit-trails. Monitoring tools connected to critical systems  can trigger critical alerts based on predefined criteria. Notifications are sent to your team on the OnPage application.

OnPage integrations

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2 - Organize your team - On-Call Scheduler

OnPage Enterprise users with access to the web-management console have an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use on-call scheduler to handle the most complex employee, team and group calendar configurations. OnPage scheduler allows the flexibility of scheduling Individuals, Groups, or Escalation groups for any time period with fail over to other teams or individuals.

OnPage Scheduler is a Fault-Proof i.e. ALWAYS FULL!! If an administrator forgets to fill in a time period, the OnPage system will not drop the incident notification but instead it will be sent to the entire group.

OnPage incident management system

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3 - Automate the alerting process - Escalation Policy

In order to mitigate human error it is recommended to utilize all the the OnPage system tools to automate the process.

* Start with creating the users on call andvorganize them in teams.

* Then, Set up escalation policies so you always have human-redundancies to your on call team.

* Add fail-over to another team just in case the entire on-call team is not available (you can go 5 groups deep).

* Add technology redundancies as a message copy to every incident with SMS, Email or Phone call

* Send Fail-Status-Report notifications to the person in charge – In case no one responds.

* Schedule your team using the OnPage fault-proof scheduler.

Need help from a colleague in another team? Forward the entire ticket to the other team and start the escalation again.

alerting process - Escalation Policy

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4 - Team communication via Secure Messaging

For fragmented teams or even a close-knit  one, when an incident occurs we need to communicate.  Using OnPage in-app messaging allows for secure communication among team members  with full details to mitigate errors.

Need more Incident details?  Add Voice, picture, PDF or word attachments to clarify the incident,  or send Bridge number to get your entire team on the same page.  Rest assured – It is all secure and HIPAA complaint!

OnPage secure messaging works wherever you have cellular or wireless (Wi-Fi) coverage.

OnPage app

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5 - Your team takes action - High and Low Priority Messaging

Set up incident priority as High Priority or Low Priority to ensure low priority won’t wake you up. Our unique ringtones and alert persistence change based on your pre-defined setting. OnPage high priority will Alert-Until-Read to ensure Critical messages rise above the clutter while Low priority have a set number of reminders (SMS like but HIPAA Compliant secure).

Select Priority

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6 - Know the status of your alert - Audit trails and Message Failover reports

Know exactly the status of messages you sent with full audit trails and message logs.

In the event an incident was not acknowledged and all escalations failed, an email notification will be sent to the manager in charge with a detailed Failed-Report detailing the reason for each failure.


OnPage messages status

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