Recent statistics indicate that the average cost of IT downtime comes in at $163,674 per hour. For IT teams, effective communications are imperative to minimizing downtime and thus minimizing costs.

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  • The need for communication redundancies to ensure receipt of alerts
  • Why effective communications require a team effort

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The Cost of Infrastructure and Application Failure

Per DevOps, infrastructure failure has an average hourly cost of $100k, while critical application failure has an average cost of $500k to $1m per hour. Customers require quick incident response and resolution.



1.25B to 2.5B

improve incident management

Effective Incident Alerting With OnPage

OnPage orchestrates alerts originating from incidents, enabling incident response teams to start the triage and remediation process. These alerts can override the silent switch and provide ALERT-UNTIL-READ capabilities, ensuring that critical messages are never missed. OnPage’s escalation, redundancy, and scheduling features make the system infinitely more secure and reliable than emails, texts and phone calls.

Escalation Groups

When an on-call technician on the incident team is preoccupied with another task or is momentarily unavailable to attend a ticket, it is necessary to have escalations as part of effective incident communication. The escalation policy routes the ticket to the next on-call engineer based on a pre-configured path, after a pre-defined interval.

Add redundancies to the alerts

escalation policy

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Bypass silent switch iPhone

Override the Silent Switch

OnPage is one of the very few incident alerting services to override the silent switch on iOS and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. This functionality ensures that all OnPage high-priority, critical alerts are addressed and heard by incident team members regardless of their iOS configurations or system settings.

Our Client Testimonials

OnPage is a reliable critical alerting platform, streamlining clinical and IT team workflows. It’s a 21st century HIPAA-compliant system, built with must-have capabilities and functionalities. 

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