Why Alert Escalations are Important to Clinical Communications

Alert escalations

Unexpected events make the healthcare profession one of the most challenging industries to navigate and plan for. Sudden, abrupt patient situations tend to occur, increasing the workload of healthcare providers. Similarly, process efficiencies and productivity such as alert escalations are a reflection of the care team’s ability to communicate. When teams are on the same page, patient wait times are significantly reduced and results are improved. 

Centralizing the communication process is critical to augment patient care and improve their satisfaction levels. The OnPage solution empowers an organization to bring all of their scheduling and clinical communication requirements onto one platform, so that patient-related needs are instantly relayed to the designated care team member.

Furthermore, OnPage’s escalation features enhance care team response times and eliminate missed alerts by rerouting critical notifications to the next person on call. 

Creating Back-ups for the Tasked On-Call Provider 

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the first on-call provider may not be reachable on mobile. This leads to unattended or missed notifications, having serious ramifications during patient emergencies.

OnPage’s escalation capabilities remedy this industry-related issue. Instead of alerts yielding no response, an automated process is pre-configured and implemented to reroute messages to a capable healthcare provider.

At its core, a message tagged for escalation follows a path, giving the next on-call member time to take on ownership and not be worried about last-minute critical notifications. 

Additional Delivery Options and Alternate Channels 

In the event that a user’s app turns off, OnPage is capable of sending messages through alternate channels including SMS, primary email, secondary email and IVR (i.e., phone call). 

What We’ve Learned …

OnPage’s rock-solid incident alerting technology enhances clinical communications and enables care teams to take on unanticipated situations.

By automating escalations, either to alternate channels or to the next available provider, OnPage enables organizations to improve patient care and the patient experience.             

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