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Most Frequent Issues

1. When I open an OnPage alert on my iPhone I get a different view that looks like it’s missing information.

We released a new feature for iOS called Chat View which allows contacts to have a threaded conversation with each other. It lets teams see each other’s comments in the same view, enabling easier collaboration. It has the familiar look of a smartphone message app. When the OnPage app updates it will reset the original List View to this new Chat View.

If you prefer to see your messages in the original List View, please do the following:

  • On the homepage of the app, find the blue gears in the upper left.
  • Find the Chat View section
  • Switch the Chat View button to off. The button will switch from green to white.
  • Click Save (top right on the screen)

When you return to the message queue you will see your messages in the original List View.

2. I’m only receiving alerts while the app is open (iPhone only).

  • Make sure your phone is not in “Do Not Disturb” mode. Check this by navigating to iPhone Settings > Do Not Disturb. Ensure that “Manual” and “Scheduled” are disabled. (If “Do Not Disturb” mode is enabled a crescent moon will appear in the top right corner of the screen.)
  • Make sure all push notifications are enabled. iPhone Settings > Notifications > OnPage
  • Reinstall the OnPage app by deleting the app and downloading from the App Store. Follow these instructions to reinstall OnPage.
  • After using iCloud backup to sync OnPage with a new iPhone you must uninstall and reinstall the application to your new device to reestablish push notifications.

3. I’m not receiving alerts at all.

  • Verify that you have an internet connection and are logged in to the app.
  • Open a web browser and perform a web search, then try opening the app again.
  • Reinstall the OnPage app by deleting the app and downloading from the App Store. Follow these instructions to reinstall OnPage.

4. I forgot my password.

  • Open OnPage on any smart phone.
  • Select “I’m already an OnPage user”.
  • Select “Forgot Password” link located below the Login button.
  • Enter the OnPage ID for the user and select “Recover Password”.”


  • Do not add “@onpage.com” to the OnPage ID.
  • A temporary password will be sent to the user’s email address.
  • You cannot reset your OnPage password through the website. This must be done through the app.
  • If you do not receive the temporary password email, please check your Junk folder.

5. A message is showing as “Sent” on the OnPage Web Console, but is not seen by my intended recipient (iPhone only).

With iPhone, the delivery confirmation is only sent when the message is loaded into the Inbox in the app. So, if a message is showing as “Sent” on the OnPage Web Console, the message must have reached the recipient’s Inbox. It could be possible that the recipient does not receive the alert because:

  • iPhone was set to “Do Not Disturb” or “Mute” and was not receiving audible alerts.
  • iPhone was in an area where there was no internet connection available or iPhone was off.
  • iPhone was generating alerts but was being ignored.
  • Push notifications were disabled.

6. I’m receiving the “System Error, Try Again” message when resetting OnPage password.

  • Ensure that there is no space at the end of the ID when you initially enter it.

7. I’m receiving repeated reminders (iPhone only).

  • Ensure no pages need to be retained.
  • Change the internet connection source and reopen the app. If you are on WiFi, please try disconnecting and opening the app or connecting to another WiFi source.

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