Single Sign-On Now Available on OnPage Enterprise-Level Accounts

Single Sign-On

Single sign-on (SSO) services provide a unified view into applications, logins and devices through a secure identity cloud. SSO allows users to access SaaS-based applications through one simple login process. 

We, at OnPage, are excited to announce that we’ve extended our integration catalog to include SSO services like Okta and OneLogin. Through a single sign-on process, OnPage enterprise-level users can securely access the OnPage dashboard from their Okta and OneLogin accounts. 

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Requirements to Initiate the Integrations

All OnPage subscription levels—except for mobile-level users—have access to the SSO integrations. Users must also have admin-level permissions to start accessing the OnPage system from their SSO dashboards.    

Benefits of OnPage’s SSO Integrations

single sign-on

One-Click Login: As organizations invest in many tools, employees are expected to remember the credentials for every account. Without this knowledge, employees are unable to access the tools they need to perform specific tasks. The situation is exacerbated when passwords are changed. OnPage’s SSO integrations eliminate the need to remember many credentials; employees can start accessing the OnPage enterprise dashboard with just one click on Okta and OneLogin.

Manage User Access: Enterprise-level administrators can use Okta and OneLogin to easily add or revoke an employee’s access to the OnPage web management console. System admins can make enterprise-wide changes via one intelligent, centralized dashboard.

How OnPage’s SSO Integrations Help Industries

Information Technology and Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

OnPage-SSO integrations provide a seamless login experience for IT engineers and allows them to quickly spring into action. It also enables hybrid or remote workforces to easily access their OnPage accounts from anywhere without jeopardizing security. 

Healthcare Organizations and Care Teams

OnPage-SSO integrations unlock the full potential of healthcare interoperability and mobility. Enterprise admins can use their Okta and OneLogin accounts to quickly access the OnPage web management console and alert the right providers of time-sensitive patient issues. The integrations ensure seamless and consistent authentication workflows across workstations, allowing providers to dedicate more time to patient-impacting activities.  

“When every minute counts, our latest SSO integrations allow emergency response teams to save valuable time,” said OnPage CEO Judit Sharon. “Care teams can now eliminate manual, time-wasting login processes, and quickly access OnPage to accelerate patient care delivery.”

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SSO Integration Service Vendors

Single Sign-Ond Okta is an enterprise-grade, identity management service that connects users with any software application on any device.


Single Sign-Ond OneLogin delivers secure access to applications and provides identity management processes for enterprises.


At OnPage, we’re committed to releasing new integrations that help our customers streamline business processes and workflows. With over 200 integrations, including popular monitoring, cybersecurity and ticketing tools, OnPage assimilates into an organization’s tech stack seamlessly. 

OnPage’s SSO integrations are now live and available on Okta and OneLogin.

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