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Ineffective Pagers

Pagers have been the default alerting platform for IT and MSP professionals for decades. But as pager servicing is winding down in the U.K., you shouldn’t resign yourself to just looking for another paging company.

Instead, step up to OnPage. OnPage’s powerful incident management system lives as an app on your smartphone and enables you to do so much more than just receive a critical alert.

Pager replacement in the UK

Pager replacement in the UK

OnPage's Pager Replacement Solution

OnPage capabilities include:

  • Bypassing the silent switch: OnPage high-priority alerts bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices
  • Persistent alerts: OnPage intelligent alerts cut through the noise and continue for up to eight hours or until acknowledged by the recipient
  • Pager replacement: Eliminate antiquated pagers and get notifications up to five times faster than pagers
  • Real-time message statuses: Create messages within the app and send them to your team. Know the exact status of the message with time-stamped audit trails and message logs
  • On-call scheduling: Schedule the on-call team as a group or individuals. Alerts go to the on-call groups or individuals
  • Escalations: Automatically alert the next person on call if the previous person does not acknowledge the message
  • High and low-priority alerting: Prioritize incidents based on incident severity
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Reviews Reviews

Reviews Reviews

Reviews Reviews

Pager Replacement in the U.K.

OnPage helps IT and MSPs manage the complexities of the incident management process. OnPage assists in:

  • Automating alerts directly to smartphones
  • Enabling collaboration on incidents
  • Scheduling on-call shifts
  • Monitoring team productivity
  • Reviewing reporting for metrics and accountability

With OnPage, support teams can eliminate human error and ensure business up-time for clients.

Pager replacement in the UK

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Dedicated Line + Voicemail

The Dedicated Line + Voicemail feature reduces human error and eliminates the expensive middleman. Customers can connect with the right person promptly.

  • Branding: Provide customers with a dedicated phone number where they can alert you when problems arise
  • Phone tree: Enable customers to reach multiple individuals or groups in the organization through one main number
  • Streamline communications: Customers can leave voicemail messages or simply a callback number
  • Bilingual: Ensure that every client receives great service by providing instructions in their preferred language when they call your organization

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Scalable Integrations

  • Integrate with remote monitoring and management (RMM) and PSA (professional services automation) solutions such as ServiceNow, ConnectWise Manage and Datto’s Autotask
  • Integrate with clinical scheduling solutions such as Amion and popular open source electronic health records with OpenEMR
  • Enhance your IoT ecosystem with the ThingWorx integration
  • Connect your tool stack using OnPage’s API and e-mail integration
  • Integrate with Chat Ops tools like Slack and Cisco-Spark
  • Take advantage of  ready to use API and WebHooks


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OnPage delivers instant visibility and feedback on alerts. You can track alert delivery, ticket statuses and responses.

As a result, MTTR is improved and service interruptions are reduced. As an organization, you’ll improve responsiveness to SLAs and lower your (and your clients’) costs.

Michigan-based MSP Cygnus Systems, Inc. has adopted OnPage and:

  • Cut monthly costs by 75 percent
  • Grown its revenues by over 25 percent
  • Improved its response time to critical IT alerts from 30 minutes to 30 seconds

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Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!