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OnPage - A lot more than pagers!

The ultimate Smartphone Pager App  –  Rock Solid Reliability!

Like a Pager – Alert Until Read

Unlike Pagers – Create groups and manage escalation

Unlike Pagers – 2-way messaging with attachments

Unlike Pagers – Sync your peers contacts to your device

Unlike Pagers – Unlimited global messaging

Unlike Pagers – Secure, encrypted communication

Unlike Pagers – Remotely wipe sensitive information

Unlike Pagers – Repeated delivery until device is operational

Unlike Pagers – A single device for all communication

Persistent. Reliable. Accountable.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, OnPage Alert-until-Read ensures a critical alert is never missed.

Incident alert management

Use OnPage Incident management to ensure that messages automatically get to the right person at the right time.

OnPage helps minimize response times to incidents in critical situations by leveraging group messaging, escalation policies and digital schedules.

With OnPage you can create multiple on-call schedules, without limitation to location and get instant visibility on who’s on-call.

OnPage enables postmortem  analysis via the audit trail and downloadable reports for a specific time period. Response-time management and insights into workloads will help managers keep employees engaged.

OnPage, an enterprise grade solution hosted in a Tier III managed hosting facility, has been the solution of choice for hospitals, IT organization, and operation teams of all size companies.

Eliminate the need to have a person check a paper schedule and send out alerts manually. With OnPage, just schedule the right people on the on-call scheduler and OnPage automates the alert!

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