OnPage is just better than pagers!

OnPage is the perfect Smartphone Pager App. Go to our comparison page to learn more

> Create and manage escalation policies

> 2-way messaging with rich content and attachments

> Contact sync

> 1 monthly fee covers unlimited global messaging

> Secure, encrypted communication

> Ability to remotely wipe sensitive patient information

> Repeated alert delivery until device is operational

> A single device for all communication

Persistent. Reliable. Accountable.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, OnPage Alert-until-Read ensures a critical alert is never missed.

Incident alert management

Use our Incident alert management to ensure the message gets to the right person at the right time automatically.

  • Create multiple on-call schedules, without limitation to location, so every group gets their preferred on-call rotation.
  • Get instant visibility of who’s on-call.
  • You can also enable multiple escalation scenarios so that critical alerts get routed to the right person.
  • Easily create “follow the sun” schedules and set up escalations ensuring organized workflow.

Eliminate the need to have a person check a paper schedule and send out alerts manually – With OnPage, just schedule the right people on the on-call scheduler and OnPage automates the alert!

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