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It goes without saying that the pager is an antiquated technology. Pagers have many flaws including their:

  • Dependency on an infrastructure that is dying out
  • Limited signal or range, preventing on-call responders from receiving pages outside of specific grounds
  • Lack of encryption and security
  • Inability to include contextual information of time-sensitive incidents

Unlike the ’90s, modern response teams require an intelligent solution that streamlines team communications, while providing persistent mobile alerting to enhance incident resolution.


Ditch Your Pager

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OnPage: More Than Just a Pager!

OnPage is the ultimate smartphone pager app  –  Rock-solid reliability!

Better than pagers – OnPage alerts bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices

Better than pagers – Create groups and manage alert escalations

Better than pagers – Two-way messaging with contextual attachments

Better than pagers – Sync your peers’ contacts to your device

Better than pagers – Unlimited global messaging

Better than pagers – HIPAA-compliant, encrypted communication

Better than pagers – Remotely wipe sensitive information

Better than pagers – Repeated, intrusive alert delivery

Better than pagers – A single device for all communication

Better than pagers – Out-of-the-box integrations

See a side-by-side comparison between OnPage, pagers and email to learn more.

Persistent. Reliable. Accountable.

Trusted by thousands of organizations, OnPage’s Alert-Until-Read patented technology ensures a critical alert is never missed!

Incident Alert Management Platform and Pager App

OnPage’s intelligent alerting solution ensures that critical alerts are automatically delivered to the right person at the right time. Just schedule the right people on the on-call scheduler and OnPage automates the alert! OnPage’s next-generation features include:

  • On-call schedules for each response team with unique escalation criteria
  • Alert-Until-Read capability ensures critical alerts are never missed
  • Audit trails track notifications to see when they’re read and acknowledged
  • Fault-proof scheduler defaults to “always full” when a person is removed from an on-call shift by mistake with no replacement
  • Ability to create one-time exceptions to recurring on-call schedules
  • Post-incident reporting via audit trails, real-time reporting console and downloadable reports

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Override Silent Switch and DND Mode on All Devices

OnPage is one of the very few incident alerting services to override the silent switch on iOS and Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on all devices. This ensures that all OnPage high-priority, critical alerts are addressed and heard regardless of one’s iOS configurations or system settings.

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