OnPage’s New Integration With ServiceNow


If you’re an IT professional who has followed our blog, you’re familiar with OnPage and ServiceNow’s integration and their shared commitment to ensuring that critical alerts are never missed. But, did you know that OnPage and ServiceNow just took this powerful integration to the next level?

The latest release of the integration provides significant enhancements. It’s also fully certified by ServiceNow and available on the ServiceNow Store.

Because most integrations require additional work to get both platforms to communicate and sync with each other, implementation and adoption are slow. That’s not the case with this integration. Unlike what’s currently out there, the OnPage integration was purpose-built on the ServiceNow platform so it’s straightforward to deploy and even takes advantage of ServiceNow’s Guided Tours, giving users a visual step-by-step approach to help them quickly and accurately complete the setup process.

Here are some benefits users can expect from this tighter integration between the two platforms.

Easy to Implement and Use

After tutorial completion, users are free to take advantage of everything the integration has to offer! At its core, this means that users can enjoy and benefit from an easy, onboarding procedure so they can get it up and running quickly without support from developers.

Users will be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use, with all relevant menus available through a single, familiar and comprehensive module. Forms and lists are designed so that important information is front and center, enhancing visibility within the integration. This video shows how easy it is to initiate an alert from the ServiceNow dashboard and how the ticket is updated in real time with information provided by OnPage’s platform.

Key Elements Added to the Integration

With OnPage’s updated integration, IT pros can take advantage of a platform with new features including, simple menu navigations, user warnings, help icons and simple list and form setups. Through these elements, IT teams can reduce the time between when an incident is cataloged in ServiceNow and when a responder manages the task.

Also, the latest integration streamlines notification management, allowing users to automate alerts to the right people within the ServiceNow system. Additionally, the integration allows users to create their own triggers within ServiceNow, indicating when alerts should be sent to IT teams. This is different from competitors that require administrators to heavily code changes to accomplish alert automation.

Mass notifications are now enabled through ServiceNow, via the integration with OnPage’s BlastIT crisis communication system. Users can streamline and enhance their emergency communication plans, notifying entire groups in a timely manner.

The Benefits of the Integration

The OnPage integration with ServiceNow provides several key benefits, including the delivery of intelligent, automated alerts through a single platform. Additionally, with the integration, IT teams can:

  • Alert teams quickly and automatically to resolve incidents faster and more effectively
  • Reduce human errors by eliminating the need to manually enter information in two systems
  • Manage teams, alert escalations, reply options and alerting workflows from a single platform
  • Gain complete visibility to ticket progress with alert audit trails
  • Update the ticket in real-time directly from the OnPage mobile app instead of waiting until the incident is resolved
  • Identify and respond to IT performance issues faster and more efficiently with OnPage templates embedded into ServiceNow
  • Schedule team and alerting protocols on either the ServiceNow calendar or the OnPage system
  • Deploy mass notifications to employees, customers or vendors right from the ServiceNow dashboard

Whether it’s easier implementation, simple management or enhanced flexibility, the latest update to OnPage’s integration with ServiceNow provides an all-powerful ticketing and alert management platform built for the standards of a demanding IT team.

Check out the full press release on OnPage’s integration with ServiceNow.

Interested in a demo of the ServiceNow integration? Fill out the form now to experience everything the integration has to offer. For further integration questions, please contact our sales department at [email protected] or reach us directly at (781) 916-0040.

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