OnPage’s Latest Integration: Amion Physician Scheduling

OnPage's Integration With Amion

Have you heard about OnPage’s new and exciting integration with Amion? Through this collaboration, healthcare organizations can improve clinical communications, resulting in better patient care.

It’s a sure way to enhance the patient experience, ensuring that qualified, on-call physicians respond more effectively to urgent clinical matters (i.e., patient needs).

So, how exactly does the integration work? I’ll highlight the benefits of the integration and discuss everything that healthcare providers need to know.

How the Integration Works

The integration combines OnPage’s intelligent alerting feature with Amion’s popular scheduling solution. Through the integration, healthcare facilities can give patients instant, 24×7 access to on-call physicians while eliminating the costs associated with expensive call center services.

Included in the integration is OnPage’s dedicated lines feature, allowing patients to dial one phone number to reach their physicians. Patients call and are prompted to leave a callback number and, optionally, a voicemail message to a desired clinical department and its practitioners.  

The on-call physician receives an OnPage alert via their smartphone app, including the patient’s callback number and voicemail message as an attachment. Simply put, on-call physicians—based on Amion’s scheduler—will receive contextual alerts through OnPage’s fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant smartphone app!

If the on-call physician fails to return the patient’s call within a predetermined amount of time, then the OnPage alert will be escalated to the next on-call care team member. In the unlikely case that none of the on-call physicians acknowledge the alert, it’ll continue to escalate through to the group and alert them in a loud, disruptive manner until action is taken for up to eight hours. This patented Alert-Until-Read functionality ensures that patient messages will always be received.  

For even more immediate response, organizations can allow patients to be connected to an on-call physician through a live call. In this use case, the patient dials one phone number and is prompted to select a department (e.g., pediatrics). The pediatric physician on call will then receive a call from the OnPage system. If she answers the call, the system will immediately connect her with the patient on the line. If she doesn’t answer promptly, then the call will be escalated the next on-call physician. If no one on call responds in a timely manner, the patient is prompted to leave a callback number and voicemail, and the alerting process to on-call physicians is restarted, continuing until there’s a response or if eight hours go by.

Customized greetings are another feature of the integration. For organizations with large multilingual patient populations, OnPage’s dedicated lines can be pre-configured with bilingual menu communications, instructions or options, guaranteeing that a patient receives timely care regardless of language spoken.

Benefits of the Integration

Unlike the obsolete pager, Amion subscribers can use their personal smartphones to receive OnPage alerts, equipped with extended cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. In other words, Amion users can benefit from a reliable and trusted integration, ensuring that they receive timely alerts regardless of time and place.

As previously mentioned, the integration also allows healthcare providers to cut costs associated with call center services or operators. The integration leverages OnPage’s dedicated lines feature to immediately reach on-call physicians, eliminating the middleman (i.e., call center operators) in the process.

It goes without saying that the integration enhances the patient experience. No longer do patients have to go through a frustrating and grueling process just to reach their physicians. The integration delivers patient peace of mind, as patients can rest assured that their urgent needs will be taken care of by on-call physicians.

So, as a quick rundown, benefits of the integration include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Immediate and secure communications between patients and physicians
  • Contextual attachments (i.e., patient callback numbers and voicemail messages) included in OnPage alerts to physicians
  • A seamless integration between Amion’s popular digitized physician schedules and OnPage’s intelligent alerting capabilities
  • Persistent notifications and escalations to on-call physicians for quicker patient care and treatment
  • Elimination of hefty costs attributed to call center services
  • 24×7 patient access to physicians during urgent events and situations

OnPage’s latest integration with Amion Physician Scheduling is a robust, 21st-century solution that satisfies today’s patient-to-physician communication requirements.

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