OnPage Redefines On-Call Management With Digital Fail-Safe Scheduling

OnPage Corporation Provides a Flexible, Error-Free Way to Democratize On-Call Schedule Creation for Response Teams


WALTHAM, Mass., Dec. 16, 2021 — OnPage Corporation, a Boston-based incident management company, today announced the addition of new fail-safe capabilities to its digital on-call scheduler. Fail-safe scheduling delivers continuous, error-free coverage when schedules are populated incorrectly, and it automatically notifies the entire on-call team ensuring that no incident remains unanswered.

“Enterprise on-call users can access the fail-safe scheduler to pick or drop shifts without worrying about ‘dropped incidents’ caused by schedule misconfigurations,” said OnPage CEO Judit Sharon. “In addition, users can ‘own’ the schedule creation process to improve workplace satisfaction levels and reduce employee fatigue.”

Early this year, OnPage introduced Delay Notifications and On-Call Schedule Exceptions to its automated, fail-safe scheduler. Delay Notifications queue all incidents for specific time periods, and messages are only distributed to users at the end of the specified period. Schedule Exceptions allow users to switch on-call assignments with colleagues or remove themselves from shifts when necessary. Teams can rest assured that unpopulated time slots will not lead to missed incidents. All scheduling changes are recorded in a digital report to enhance response team accountability and transparency.

The OnPage scheduler helps enterprises eliminate human error, improve work-life balance, manage alert fatigue, reduce incident resolution time and optimize after-hours workloads. Continuous innovation allows OnPage to align with customer strategies and streamline on-call management workflows for thousands of organizations across the globe.

About OnPage

OnPage is an Incident Alert Management platform that elevates critical notifications to the right person on call to remediate critical events. With Alert-Until-Read capabilities, dynamic digital schedules, escalation criteria and redundancies, OnPage ensures that critical alerts are never missed. Serving information technology, healthcare, industrial and IoT verticals in all industries, OnPage brings critical notifications to the forefront with audit trails and incident reporting.

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