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OnPage Gets 90% Review Rating

Recently, The Smartphone App Review reviewed OnPage and gave us a 90% rating! Here is what they had to say…

“OnPage is a fantastic addition to the capabilities of the iPhone, as it adds full pager abilities to the iOS device, and also for Android and BlackBerry, which are also supported. This is great news for medical professionals and many more working people, as this fills a crucial hole in the mobile armoury of the three ecosystems.

The app is very easy to set up, and once you have registered you will be ready to go. There are plenty of options to play around with, as the app comes with eight ringtones, the ability to set up custom predefined responses, reminders, and you can even sync your iOS contacts with your new pager.

The ability to communicate, instantly and without and of the ‘fluff’ that other apps use, and even between different devices: a brilliant feature.

I really liked the delivery confirmations and the natural privacy that comes with using this app instead of having to give your mobile number out to stay in touch with someone. In our tests, every notification worked perfectly, and we tested both over WiFi and over a mobile network.

Overall, this is a great free app that really enhances the messaging capabilities of your phone, and is something you should check out right away.”

90 512x155 OnPage iPhone Review screenshot

To read the entire review click here

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