OnPage + ConnectWise Manage Integration 2.0

OnPage + ConnectWise Manage Integration 2.0

OnPage announced its collaboration with ConnectWise in 2015. Since that time, has seen its MSP customers flock to the integration to solve many of their Incident management needs. Today, OnPage leverages the robust capabilities of the ConnectWise API to allow its users seamless access to OnPage from within the ConnectWise interface. Not only can IT alerts and notifications be sent automatically based upon customizable incident and ticket criteria, but the entire alerting process – including the escalation of alerts and the response to these alerts, are updated in the relevant ticket in real-time.

Recently OnPage enhanced its integration with ConnectWise Manage to offer incident responders more control over the ticket and Incident Resolution Lifecycle. With this enhance integration, users can now provide ConnectWise Manage ticket updates from within the OnPage application on a mobile phone.


ConnectWise Mange’s platform allows error-proof ticketing and powerful documentation. ConnectWise Manage gives MSPs the power to capture and track every step in the incident resolution process, maximize visibility, and establish workflows to deliver exceptional customer service.

However, until OnPage integrated with ConnectWise, there was little you could do beyond catalog an incident by creating a ticket through ConnectWise Manage. There was very little you could do to better manage the incident by simply using tickets. Additionally, with the ConnectWise Manage workflows, you were only able to receive a text or email when a ticket was created. This limitation inhibited a virtuous workflow and hindered the alerting process.

This limitation provided OnPage with an opportunity to enhance ConnectWise with critical alerting. By adding OnPage, you can turn ConnectWise into a complete Incident management tool that lets you convert ConnectWise tickets into smart alerts than can be sent out to MSP teams, Incident responders, on-call teams and management whenever there is an incident.


Using OnPage with ConnectWise Mange you get instant visibility and feedback on alerts. You can track alert delivery, ticket status, and responses.
As a result, you will improve MTTR and better manage your clients’ ecosystem by decreasing service interruptions. As an organization, you will improve responsiveness to SLAs and lower your clients’ costs.

Michigan-based MSP Cygnus Systems Inc. has:

  • Grown revenue by 25%.
  • Improved its response time to critical IT alerts from 30 minutes to 30 seconds.
  • Provided consistent service to customers.
  • Cut monthly costs by 75%.

Here’s what Craig Isaacs, CEO of Cygnus Systems had to say about the successful collaboration: “OnPage and ConnectWise solved our problems of after hours alerting. It has enabled us to tightly control the types of alerts that get escalated and maximize our levels of responsiveness to our clients. Since the initial deployment we have enhanced our alerting system in other areas of our business. This is a must have product for us. OnPage also offers superb support and continues to be great to work with.”

Read the full case study.

Similarly, SecurenetMD, a leading provider of IT solutions for healthcare, become an authorized OnPage reseller and deployed OnPage as a part of its service offerings. The OnPage/ConnectWise collaboration will enable SecurenetMD to increase customer support levels while also providing a new leading-edge alerting system to its customers.

“We saw two immediate benefits of OnPage,” said Jack B, Partner, SecurenetMD. “First, the OnPage integration with ConnectWise will enable our customer support staff to respond more quickly to incoming high priority tickets, helping us to meet our SLAs for our clients. Second, OnPage’s HIPPA-compliant messaging integrates easily with our hospital telephony solutions, allowing us to extend the OnPage service to the critical care providers of our customers.”


OnPage can now streamline the incident resolution lifecycle and provide ConnectWise Manage ticket updates from within the OnPage application on a mobile phone. With the enhanced integration, OnPage eliminates the need for multiple processes and allows MSP incident responders to update the status of a ticket with the simple click of a button on their OnPage application from the mobile device. Responders can also effectively manage their SLAs and create ticket updates in real-time, which increases the accuracy of post-incident reporting.
With the improved integration, MSP Incident responders not only ensure full visibility into the incident when they write back to the ConnectWise Manage ticket from their OnPage application, but also receive multiple options for managing their SLAs from their mobile device:

  • “In Progress” – Allows incident responders to acknowledge the incident and indicate that they are working to resolve the incident.
  • “Closed” – This important feature signals that the incident has been resolved and that the responder can move on to the next ticket.

All updates to the ConnectWise Manage ticket are done in real time. A thread of all replies from the OnPage application to the ConnectWise platform are saved within the ticket to make the process of post-incident reporting and incident management more effective.

To read more download the OnPage-Connectwise Manage Integration 2.0 document 

OnPage + ConnectWise Manage Integration 2.0