OnPage at IT Nation 2017

IT Nation 2017

OnPage loves going to IT Nation every year and IT Nation 2017 was no different. We met hundreds of our MSP customers over the three-day period who made us feel the love. ConnectWise currently integrates with about 200 vendors and OnPage enjoys the privilege of being the only Incident Alert Management platform to have a bi-directional integration with ConnectWise Manage.

This year, IT Nation focused on:

  • Ecosystems
  • Technology Canvas
  • Teams

IT Nation 2017  takeaway – Connecting your ecosystem through OnPage, Cicso and ConnectWise

ConnectWise unveiled the pilot program for ConnectWise Unite, a new offering that lets Cisco partners use the Cisco products Spark, Meraki, Umbrella and Stealthwatch through the ConnectWise management console. In addition to Amazon Web Services. Cisco technologies available under Unite will eventually expand, according to Nirav Sheth, Vice President of Solutions at Cisco. Said Sheth,

“We definitely have some cloud-managed assets that we are also exploring to continue to evolve and have more offers enabled by the Unite platform,”

OnPage also enjoys a partnership with Cisco. OnPage joined hands with Cisco Spark and created an integration over a year ago. The integration allows for enterprise communication, allowing the user to add critical, time-sensitive, messaging capabilities to the communication channel. All your files and conversations are in one place with Cisco Spark and so is the time-stamped audit trail of the communication with OnPage. With these three unique product units to form an ecosystem, MSPs can automate the resolution of an incoming incident through effective ticketing, instantaneous alerting and communications that foster collaboration.

IT Nation 2017  takeaway – Technology Canvas

Arnie Bellini, who gave the keynote at the IT Nation, said an ecosystem must have a focus on customers and offer a wide choice of solutions and customer-focused services.
“It’s about your services set, how you drive your services set, that is the whole glue that brings this together,” he said. “We’ve put ourselves at the center of the ecosystem.”

Bellini focused on 14 different technologies that make up what he called the “technology canvas” that encompasses the areas where partners can invest in service opportunities. These include copy and print; digital security; physical security; IoT; audio and visual; collaboration; line of business applications; office applications; network infrastructure; on-site computing; cloud computing; application development; and business intelligence.

OnPage, as a solution partner, has been connecting MSPs with solutions for managing alerts that come in from digital and physical security systems, IoT ecosystems, network infrastructure, cloud computing and application development. MSPs usually connect all these entities to their ConnectWise Manage instance so they can keep an eye on their client’s “technology canvas.” Incidents stemming from these endpoints are transformed into tickets within ConnectWise Manage’s console and OnPage converts these tickets into smart alerts.

IT Nation 2017  takeaway – The importance of teams

Arnie Bellini also stressed on the importance of teams and how products and services catering to MSPs needed to design their offerings with teams in mind. OnPage has always supported teams through its product features and strives to foster team collaboration. A lot of our prospects who came to us were also surprised by the how easy IT was to manage teams using OnPage, especially those working after hours and in shifts. OnPage users with access to the web-based console have an intuitive, flexible and easy-to-use on-call scheduler that is able to handle the most complex employee, team and group calendar configurations. OnPage lets users put their teams into schedules. They can adjust their escalation order and create group schedules that let you further automate the alerting process by overriding escalation orders for unique scenarios or at certain days of the week or times of the day.

OnPage also supports teams through team messaging. Teams have the ability to send and receive messages that include images and voice attachments to enrich the message. The platform enables the user to send messages in two different formats: High-priority and low-priority. Users can also forward the message with complete event details captured in the ticket to other respondents.


This conference, like every year, validated OnPage’s focus on automating the incident management process, fostering team collaboration and connecting tools within a business’s ecosystem to ensure faster incident resolution.