Large Diamond Mining Organization Adopts OnPage

Mining organization adopts OnPage

Diamond mining is recognized as a dangerous occupation, causing serious accidents for mineworkers across the globe. Often times, these incidents turn out to be fatal because the victim didn’t receive immediate care from first responders. However, implementing incident communications can minimize the impact of these accidents by large, international organizations.

In our latest case study, we discuss how OnPage successfully enabled a market-leading mining organization to enhance its incident communications, ensuring that its mineworkers receive timely medical assistance during mine-related accidents. Let’s take a look.

Challenges: Prior to Adopting OnPage

Prior to adopting OnPage’s incident alert management solution, the organization relied heavily on WhatsApp Messenger to communicate critical incidents to team members and/or dedicated groups. Unfortunately, this mode of communication didn’t yield the level of efficiency that an urgent situation demanded or required.

The organization faced multiple challenges such as:

  • Unnoticed notifications during time-sensitive matters
  • Inadvertent omissions of a response team member in emergency situations
  • A time-consuming process when creating incident response groups on WhatsApp
  • Team members disregarding WhatsApp notifications

To summarize: The organization’s incident communication process was primitive and didn’t have enhanced capabilities to improve process efficiency and reduce incident response time.    

Finding Solace in OnPage’s Alerting Solution

The organization turned to OnPage to streamline and automate its incident alerting process, ensuring that every response team member received and responded back to critical alerts promptly.  

In contrast to WhatsApp, OnPage’s alerting solution provides loud and distinguishable Alert-Until-Read chimes, compelling every individual to respond back and address an incident. 

Additionally, OnPage’s real-time audit reports reveal critical information, highlighting when alerts are sent, received, read and acted upon, providing an opportunity to eliminate response team excuses.

How the Organization Uses OnPage

The mining organization relies on two incident response groups, consisting of an emergency response team (ERT) and crisis response team (CRT).  

The ERT is comprised of firefighters, law enforcement officials and paramedics, which receive real-time alerts on their OnPage mobile application. With a click of a button, first responders can send replies to an OnPage notification, stating their current availability.

On the other hand, the CRT is comprised of the organization’s human resources department, which receives real-time notifications, tasking the department to update a minerworker’s family when incidents occur inside the mines.

Benefits of Adopting OnPage’s Intelligent Alerting Solution 

OnPage’s alerting platform created a paradigm shift in the way critical communications would take place within the organization. For instance, OnPage allows the organization to:

  • Reduce response time and improve process efficiency
  • Enhance team communication and collaboration
  • Expedite the crisis communication process
  • Reduce human errors
  • Ensure accurate and quick message delivery

As exhibited in this case, OnPage’s incident alert management solution is a trusted, high-performing tool during urgent and time-sensitive situations, streamlining and automating the entire alert notification process. For this client, OnPage helped improve incident resolution efficiency, enabling response teams to rise up to the occasion and save mineworker lives.  

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Large Diamond Mining Organization Adopts OnPage