How to Enhance ServiceNow With OnPage Incident Alert Management

ServiceNow and OnPage IT service alerting (ITSA) tools automate ticketing system workflows by incorporating intelligent alerts into the creation of a ticket. These capabilities don’t only enable IT support teams to consistently deliver great services, but they also improve their collaboration and productivity. 

That’s why in order to extract the full value from ticketing systems, teams should consider closing the loop by complementing their ServiceNow instance with trusted ITSA solutions such as OnPage.

This post will discuss ServiceNow’s integration with OnPage, highlighting the solution’s benefits and capabilities.

Why Support Teams Need the Integration

ServiceNow offers industry-leading ITSM solutions capable of automating support for common requests. For enterprises with critical processes that rely on a robust IT infrastructure, investing in an alerting tool such as OnPage is more like a necessity than a need.

In a nutshell, ServiceNow’s integration with OnPage ensures that no support request goes unattended and gets addressed within a stipulated time frame. This way, support teams can reduce incident resolution time, resulting in satisfied clients and stakeholders. 

The integration combines ServiceNow’s ticketing platform with the OnPage alerting app, enabling support teams to create service tickets through ServiceNow and receive immediate high-priority, mobile alerts on their smartphones. Regardless of location, on-call responders will always receive OnPage critical alerts, highlighting the severity of a client’s IT-related incidents or events.

The Integration’s Ease of Use

ServiceNow’s integration with OnPage is an easy-to-use solution, allowing support team administrators to set up incidents, subscriptions and more, all within the ServiceNow platform. Administrators aren’t required to use more than one platform to benefit from smart ticketing and automated alerting. 

Now that I’ve got any apprehensions out of the way, I’d also like to point out that OnPage is the only solution that allows users to create and update their own notifications within ServiceNow. The ServiceNow-OnPage integration is built for speed, enabling support organizations to quickly make use of the solution without any frustrating, time-consuming onboarding issues. 

Integration Freedom and Flexibility

As mentioned, team administrators can set up multiple integration rules or conditions within the ServiceNow platform. For instance, administrators can sync their OnPage “targets” (i.e., contact lists) within the ServiceNow system. After successful cross-verification, support team administrators can then fully manage their targets or contacts.

Within ServiceNow, administrators can also create:

  • Reply options – Fully customizable responses delivered to on-call responders within an OnPage alert
  • Templates – Arrangements that will be sent as alerts or notifications to on-call responders 
  • Subscriptions – The specific criteria that will trigger OnPage mobile notifications
  • Incidents – Detailed service tickets and their incident priority (i.e., high versus low-priority events) 

OnPage’s integration with ServiceNow creates a powerful ticketing and alerting platform built for the demands of any IT team, ensuring that infrastructure incidents are quickly addressed and resolved. Our latest eBook provides further insight into the integration, discussing how the robust solution enhances a support team’s performance.

If you’re ready to rise above the clutter® with intelligent ServiceNow alerts, contact us to learn more about the ServiceNow-OnPage integration or reach us directly at [email protected].

Enhance ServiceNow With OnPage Incident Alert Management