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OnPage: 21st Century Pager for Modern Teams


HIPAA texting app

OnPage’s HIPAA texting app replaces antiquated pagers and enables care teams to enhance their clinical communication and collaboration. Unlike the pager, OnPage provides must-have features including, alert escalations, persistent mobile notifications, on-call schedules, real-time incident statuses and more. OnPage guarantees that critical pages are never missed by on-call providers!

Ditch your old school, problematic pager for a more efficient and reliable solution. Start your OnPage free trial:


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HIPAA texting app

OnPage is a HIPAA Texting App

OnPage is the industry-leading HIPAA texting app. OnPage’s pager replacement solution offers:

  • High-priority alerts that bypass the silent switch on all mobile devices
  • Distinguishable mobile alerts, different from all other app notifications
  • Configurable on-call schedules and alert escalation policies
  • Two-way messaging with rich content and attachments
  • Contact sync
  • One monthly fee covers unlimited global messaging
  • Secure, encrypted communication
  • Ability to remotely wipe sensitive patient information
  • Repeated, intrusive mobile alert delivery

On-Call Presence Statuses

Healthcare organizations now have access to detailed presence information. OnPage’s HIPAA texting app provides physicians and nurses with access to presence information so they know if team members are on call and logged in.

HIPAA texting app

How to Ensure HIPAA-Secure Messaging

HIPAA-secure messaging means that the messaging containing patient information, care instructions, or any other relevant patient details must be both secure and encrypted.

OnPage is 100 percent HIPAA-compliant and more reliable than traditional pagers. The system ensures that all clinical team exchanges are not penetrable my malicious parties. 

hipaa texting app

Integrations and More ...

Amion Integration

OnPage’s HIPAA texting app now integrates with Amion’s scheduling solution, allowing care teams to automate the manual on-call process. On-call physicians automatically receive critical mobile alerts to provide timely patient care.

Healthcare organizations can give patients and staff instant 24/7 access to on-call physicians, while eliminating the need (and costs!) for operators or dispatchers.


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Free Download: “Seven Big Problems With Using Pagers in Healthcare”

Pagers are problematic in healthcare. Several leading institutions note that their physicians have missed pages. Here are a few of the findings from important research studies on the problems with pagers:

  • Pagers cost over $1.7M per year in lost productivity
  • Many users prefer smart device platforms over pagers
  • Pagers lack encryption

Want to learn more about the issues associated with pagers? Download our whitepaper.

Continuous Industry Success

OnPage is a G2 Leader for incident alert management, consistently receiving recognition for high performance and user satisfaction. Read more reviews!