Five Ways OnPage Enhances Physician Processes

Time means everything in the healthcare industry. It is the main component that determines a physician’s efficiency and incident resolution performance.

“Five Ways OnPage Enhances Physician Processes,” discusses how OnPage streamlines clinical communications, while improving care team collaboration to achieve maximum patient satisfaction.

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Five Ways OnPage Enhances Physician Processes

Why a Clinical Communications Platform?

Modern care teams require a modern solution to streamline clinical communication and collaboration workflows. In life-and-death situations, it is crucial that clinicians receive immediate notifications and clear messages that detail the Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation (SBAR) of an incident to deliver high-quality care.

The End of Outdated Alerting, the Start of Better Collaboration


OnPage’s clinical communications platform incorporates HIPAA-compliant messaging, team collaboration, on-call scheduling, alert escalation and more into one user-centric system. Here are the five main components of the OnPage CC&C platform:



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