Freshservice Integration

What’s Freshservice?

Freshservice is a widely adopted ticketing system that allows engineers to quickly resolve high-priority issues. It simplifies the ticketing process and ensures that incident response members collaborate with each other to better manage critical events. IT support teams use Freshservice’s collaborative ticketing solution to improve incident response efficiency and productivity.

How the Integration Works


Step 1: 

The OnPage-Freshservice collaboration is designed to perfect incident response management. Following ticket generation in Freshservice, the system is configured to automatically notify the right person via the OnPage mobile application. Automate the ticketing process and improve incident response time.

Step 2: 

The on-call engineer receives an immediate, persistent and intrusive OnPage mobile notification. OnPage alerts are detailed and inform engineers about critical IT-related problems. Regardless of mobile device, OnPage high-priority alerts can bypass or override the silent switch and Do Not Disturb (DND) options. If workload burnout is an issue for IT support teams, managers can leverage OnPage’s dynamic digital scheduler to shift on-call responsibilities.

Step 3: 

The on-call engineer immediately addresses and resolves the issue. The Freshservice support ticket is closed after the critical event has been resolved. With OnPage, IT support teams can improve incident response time and ensure that critical systems are always up and running.

Integration Benefits

OnPage’s latest integration enhances ticketing system capabilities.

Through the integration, incident response teams can:

  • Automate the critical event alerting process
  • Transform tickets into intelligent alerts that reach the right people at the right time
  • Facilitate cross-team communication and collaboration
  • Accelerate IT incident remediation

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